RCGP policy areas

The RCGP regularly produces policy statements and reports setting out the College's position on important issues affecting primary care.

Topics are listed A-Z. Select a letter to find out more about specific topics and our position on them. 

RCGP statement on GP appraisals - 20 November 2020


Pharmacists in Primary Care Networks

We have co-badged joint statements with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the British Medical Association encouraging greater use of community and clinical pharmacists across Primary Care Networks (PCNs). The statements highlight pharmacists' expertise in medicines and how they can achieve better outcomes for patients as part of the wider practice team.

Primary Care Networks

The RCGP has made a number of statements on the development of Primary Care Networks (PCNs). The College believes that PCNs are an opportunity to change primary care for the better, but they must be given the time and space to develop properly.

Palliative and End of Life Care

GPs hold a pivotal role in providing care at the end of patients’ lives. This guidance provides the College’s position and recommendations to ensure GPs throughout the UK are supported in their provision of high quality care for those approaching the end of life.


This paper will attempt to explore what partnership is, the forces that are driving the loss of partnerships in general practice and some of the issues that this may herald for our profession

Patient Partnership Groups

The RCGP recognises that the patient viewpoint is important in the development of general practice. The aim of the Patient Partnership Group (PPG) is to be an active College group promoting partnership between patients and general practitioners in primary health care and highlighting patient concerns and needs.

Patient records

Medical records are an important part of the GP-patient relationship. This page outlines the RCGP's position on a number of issues relating to patient records, including giving patients access to their records online and the need for adequate safeguards when patient data is used by the NHS to increase our understanding of diseases and population health need.

Perinatal Mental Health

Perinatal psychiatric disorder has been a leading cause of maternal mortality for the last two decades. This guidance provides the College’s position and recommendations to ensure GPs detect mental health problems in the perinatal period.

Personal Health Budgets

A personal health budget is an amount of money that is allocated to a patient to allow them more choice, flexibility and control over the care they receive. The budget is intended to cover the individual’s health needs within the context of a care plan to achieve agreed health outcomes.

Physician Associates

The RCGP is committed to working with governments across the UK, the Faculty of Physician Associates and our membership, to ensure that physician associates in general practice are safely and effectively integrated into the multidisciplinary team.

Primary Care Federations putting patients first

This paper sets out an approach to the development of primary care that will ensure its strengths are augmented, its services extended and it is fit to meet the new challenges ahead.

Primary Care Federations feedback from the consultation

Primary Care Federation – putting patients first was launched at the end of June 2008. The publication explores the concept of general practices and primary care teams working together, sharing responsibility for developing high quality, patient focused services for their local communities.

Prison medicine

The guidance is designed to highlight the necessary and important considerations when prescribing in these settings but also provide a rational approach to the appropriate and judicious use of medicines in our patient group.

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