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As a retired GP, membership of the RCGP means you still have a place to share your knowledge, enjoy rewarding friendships and get the most from your professional family.

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Through knowledge sharing and powerful advocacy, use your voice as a champion of the profession and celebrate your contribution to general practice.

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Can I still be a member of the RCGP when I’ve retired?

Of course. You may have retired from general practice, but your relationship with the RCGP can continue and grow and flourish. Now is the time to recognise your achievements, pass on your knowledge, celebrate a life well lived.

What membership options are available for retired GPs?

If you have fully retired and relinquished your licence to practice and no longer participate in the annual appraisal cycle, you will get a 75% discount on our full membership fee.

Alternatively, you can apply for Life membership by paying a lump sum equal to three times the full annual subscription fee for the current membership year. Life membership payments are tax deductible, provided payment is made during the retirement year while still in employment. If you have reached 40 years continuous membership or are age 70 by 1 April, you will automatically be awarded Life Membership or Life Associateship. No further membership fees will be due.

Discuss your options with our friendly Member Services team on 020 3188 7766 or email us.

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We've put together a guide which makes it easier to understand which GP organisation does what. 

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