Fraser Rose Medal

The Fraser Rose Medal is awarded annually to the candidate who, having completed all elements of MRCGP and concluded their training before 31 August, has demonstrated outstanding performance to the MRCGP panel. The award is usually made at the College’s Annual General Meeting the following November.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MRCGP was adjusted. The RCA (Recorded Consultation Assessment) currently replaces the CSA. The disruption to WBPA has led to modifications in its requirements.*

The rules for awarding the Fraser Rose Medal have been adjusted accordingly. With effect from September 2020, and until further notice, the Assessment and Curriculum Development Committee will nominate a candidate to the College’s Awards Committee in accordance with the following criteria and processes:

  1. Performance across all three elements of MRCGP will continue to contribute to the short-listing process for possible contenders
  2. All shortlisted contenders must hold a CCT (issued no later than 31 August in the current year) and full membership of the College
  3. Trainees re-sitting any part of the licensing tripos will be precluded from the short-listing process
  4. Five trainees will be short-listed in the first instance on the basis of their combined AKT and CSA/RCA scores
  5. The performance of these five trainees will then be rank-ordered on the basis of their WPBA including their MSF score as shown in their ePortfolios
  6. Additionally, each of these trainees will need to have had all their ARCP outcomes during training recorded as satisfactory, and there should be no evidence of any lack of engagement with available training and/or assessment.

Revised September 2020.

These criteria for the Fraser Rose Medal will remain in place until further notice.

*The following have been omitted from the WPBA criteria: PSQ score, completion of all WPBA assessments in a timely fashion and an up-to-date PDP.