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The core curriculum statement provides a full description of the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required of a GP in managing patients and their problems.

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Please note that any current references to CSA or RCA in the curriculum and topic guides will be updated to align with the SCA, as part of the formal curriculum update process currently underway.  It is anticipated that the updated curriculum will be ready for publishing to this section of the RCGP website in early 2024.

We are very excited to publish the new RCGP curriculum which incorporates the recommendations of the GMC to align with the Generic Professional Capabilities framework.

It articulates the special qualities and capabilities of being a generalist in an increasingly complex and specialised health care system. It is also a representation of the challenges and rewards of employing the full scope of these capabilities as part of a lifelong career as a GP.

The curriculum has been freshly reviewed from the perspective of equality and diversity and incorporates feedback from stakeholders. Specialist interest groups have been consulted to ensure appropriate content.

The new curriculum provides:

  • Enhanced content reflecting modern General Practice
  • New and updated Clinical, Life Stages, and Professional Topic Guides
  • Knowledge and skills guides
  • Integrated information on training and assessment
  • Content relevant to a lifelong career as a GP

This is the start of a process as we develop the new curriculum into a more user-friendly and accessible format. As new challenges to the profession continue to unfold, we will ensure that it is regularly updated to reflect modern GP practice.

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To provide feedback on the curriculum, contact We especially welcome feedback relating to equality and diversity issues affecting patients and doctors.