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Headshot from the shoulders up of Dr Carter Singh smiling and wearing glasses.

Dr Carter Singh

"I was honoured to be part of a recent #TeamGP Perspectives podcast on GP wellbeing in which we reflected on our own experiences and used them to help explain how we have managed to turn negative experiences into positive ones. We also discussed how sharing our own lived experiences can not only be cathartic but also a source of inspiration to others who may be struggling. We need to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. If we fail to prepare, we need to prepare to fail. It has never been more important to look after ourselves and our colleagues, and band together as a profession."

Headshot of Dr Holly Hardy smiling.

Dr Holly Hardy

"For the last six years I have been a nationally elected member of the RCGP Council – a position I had never considered until I had the experience of being a partner in a failing practice. This led me to want to try to make a difference for other GPs and I was surprised and honoured to be elected. I have embraced the opportunity to speak for front-line GPs particularly on issues around workload and workforce. I have also had the privilege to be involved with the RCGP patient and carers partnership group, benefitting from the wisdom of the group both within and outside the college. I do believe that we can create opportunities for serendipitous events to evolve – just get out there, connect, collaborate, and light a spark."

A head and shoulders image of Dr Munro Stewart with a cerulean blue background.

Dr Munro Stewart

“Connecting with my local Faculty as a trainee provided me with a network of supportive colleagues with their own interests, experiences and a shared common purpose and passion for providing the highest quality of general practice. My interest in the intersection between the environment and health inequalities is increasingly integrated into college work, and I have enjoyed robust but respectful debates with frontline colleagues since becoming UK Council rep for East Scotland. There is much work to do to improve conditions for GPs, but the commitment of my colleagues gives me hope. I have no doubt general practice would be in a far worse state were it not for RCGP work. I hope you find the College a place where you find support and have your voice heard like I have. If not, please get in touch.”

Side profile headshot from the shoulders up of Dr Gareth Patterson smiling.

Dr Gareth Patterson

"My first interaction with the College was as a specialty trainee and in my early years as a locum, when I started attending their events. If I’m really honest, I didn’t consider the relevance of RCGPNI prior to getting a bit more involved. It’s only in the past few years I’ve realised how supportive they are of their members and how important a role they have to play through their educational events, helpful advice, and political engagement. More recently I have been working with the college to explain what Conversion Therapy is and the issues that exist around it."

Dr Molly Dineen smiles in front of a purple background.

Dr Molly Dineen

"This year I have taken part in the RCGP Shaping the Future leadership programme. This has been a fantastic opportunity to develop my leadership skills via online modules and small group discussions. I have also had the chance to hear from some inspiring primary care leaders and to interact with colleagues at all stages of their careers who are also interested in primary care leadership. I am now really excited to apply what I have learnt in this programme to my current leadership roles, and to further explore the variety of roles that are available during my GP training and beyond. I hope that I can continue to build upon and apply what I have learnt and be a successful leader."

Headshot of Dr Thuva Amuthalingam smiling.

Dr Thuva Amuthalingam

"As an advocate for my colleagues during training, I continue to represent GPs both on the Midland Faculty Board and as a member of the BMA regional council. As a GP with special interests in dermatology, minor surgery, and aesthetics, I see the value portfolio careers offer for recruitment and retention. As the First5 network facilitator for my training hub, I encourage and empower my colleagues with their career aspirations. As an associate non-executive Director for our local acute trust, I am now working to address health inequities locally."

Headshot of Dr Simon Tobin from the shoulders up smiling.

Dr Simon Tobin

"Being a volunteer Ambassador for Health and Wellbeing at parkrun for 4 years has been transformational for me, my staff, and my patients. My involvement with parkrun has enabled me to meet so many wonderful people in my community. I’ve encouraged over 100 of my patients to come down to my local parkrun in Southport and I’ve seen lives transformed – hypertension controlled, mental health improved, confidence and self-esteem grown, simply by coming along to parkrun. I’ve made great friends and bumping into patients has helped me appreciate them as people, set in context rather than simply as 'patients'."


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11 July 2024

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08 July 2024

College ‘waiting in hope’ that new Government will end years of general practice being ‘poor relation’ of the NHS

College Chair Kamila Hawthorne has said she is ‘really encouraged’ by the new Health and Social Care Secretary’s visit to a GP practice on his first full day.

05 July 2024

The College calls on the new Labour government to make general practice a 'day one' priority

The Royal College of General Practitioners urges the incoming Labour government to make general practice a priority from ‘day one’.

01 July 2024

GP workloads a threat to patient safety, finds College

Over three-quarters of GPs (76%) say that patient safety is being compromised by their excessive workloads.

Special General Meeting (SGM), 17 July 2024

We're holding an SGM on Wednesday 17 July 2024.

SGM details and briefing webinar
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16 July 2024

25 years of self management, past, present and future

A dive into the evolution of self management, from the concept of the expert patient in 1999 to AI generated support.

16 July 2024

SCA cases and panel discussion (free preparation webinar)

Join us for the concluding instalment of our two-part series of FREE webinars on the SCA exam, led by esteemed professionals Dr Roger Neighbour, Dr Robin Simpson, and Dr Jim Bartlett. With extensive experience as examiners and facilitators of successful SCA prep courses for the RCGP, they bring a wealth of knowledge to guide you through this crucial examination.

17 July 2024

Severn GP Trainee Celebration 2024

Severn GP Trainee celebration event at Cheltenham Racecourse on 17 July 24 for all Severn Deanery GPST3/4s to network & celebrate their GP training with colleagues and supervisors including a talk from guest speaker Dr Jim Moore and the afternoon will be followed with an evening supper.

18 July 2024

Minor Surgery Skills | Entry Level (includes DOPS) - London

This two day beginners course is a mixture of theoretical and practical sessions and is intended for all GPs who wish to carry out Minor Surgery in their practices. It also includes the Direct Observations of Procedural Skills (DOPS) Assessment.