Advertising and sponsorship

The RCGP offers you the most cost effective methods of reaching GPs and primary healthcare professionals. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of print and digital advertising, event sponsorship and funding packages to suit all your campaign requirements.

A copy each of GP Frontline, InnovAiT and BJGP

Reach GPs with print and digital advertising.

Support educational conferences and courses.

Fund and develop eLearning with RCGP.

Our principles on how we make decisions about funding opportunities and donations.


RCGP offers you the most cost effective methods of reaching GPs and primary care professionals with a comprehensive portfolio of print, digital and eBulletin advertising packages to suit all of your campaign requirements.

Reach over 50,000 RCGP members via the College's print publications, digital platforms, eBulletins and recruitment Jobs Board.

Details of each channel are listed below. However, please do get in touch to discuss your campaign requirements; we can create a bespoke package to suit your budget and campaign objectives.

Call 0161 872 6667 or email

Advertising channels include:

The British Journal of General Practice (BJGP) is an international journal publishing research, debate and analysis, and clinical guidance for family practitioners and primary care researchers worldwide. It is specifically focused on issues of GPs and directly applicable to the day-to-day needs of practising GPs. It supports and encourages the highest possible standards of general medical practice and BJGP draws upon 70 years of publishing expertise and has established itself as one of the leading Journals of family medicine in the world.

The Journal's 2022 Impact Factor is 5.9, and it is the leading journal in primary care research worldwide.

  • Published monthly, it is circulated to all 53,000 RCGP members, fellows, and associates, as well as opinion forming leaders in the UK, health organisations and subscribers in more than 40 countries worldwide.
  • It is the official means by which the College speaks to its members and is read by key decision makers and opinions leaders.
  • Each month the issue (48 pages) contains a forum for letters from GPs, research summaries, reviews, debate and analysis, clinical practice and appointments, conference and course information.
  • Our research summaries are of key, peer reviewed papers, linked to the full report which is published online on the BJGP website.


The BJGP is the official journal of The Royal College of General of Practitioners and as such is received by all members of the College and personal subscribers.

RCGP members regularly rate the BJGP as the most valued and most accessed member benefit as it has a vital role in helping doctors keep up to date with medical developments, new drugs, treatments and medications.

GPs provide primary and continuing medical care for patients in the community. They can run specialist clinics within a practice for patients with specific conditions, and increasingly work as part of a team alongside other healthcare professionals, including community health doctors, to discuss care options for patients and their families and help patients to take responsibility for their own health. GPs who are partners in a practice are also responsible for the running of the practice, which involves a range of administrative activities, such as employing staff, managing contracts and working within strict budgets.

GPs play a key role in commissioning healthcare, organising preventive medical programmes for patients as well as promoting health education. They are also required to meet government targets, manage resources to meet those targets and keep abreast of developments in pharmaceutical products.

The BJGP also has an impressive and growing number of non RCGP members who regularly subscribe.

Every issue includes the following contents and features:

  • Editorial and Letters, topical and issue focused editorials and reader correspondence
  • Research, presented as summaries, written by the authors of the papers which are published in full on the BJGP website
  • Life & Times, a variety of material to stimulate, entertain and inform
  • Analysis, authoritative and often controversial writing on topical, clinical and policy matters
  • Clinical Practice, a range of clinical information based on recently published guidance and reviews
  • Classified jobs, courses, conferences and events

Why advertise in the BJGP?

  • Offers a very targeted audience of qualified and practising GPs
  • Cost effective channel for communicating with large numbers of increasingly influential GPs
  • Its readership represents easily the largest membership base of practising GPs
  • Consistently rated as the most valued member benefit by RCGP members
  • Consistently ranked as the most accessed member benefit by RCGP members
  • Offers very engaged, stable and loyal readership, meaning more attention will be paid to your advertisement
  • Cost per thousand rates are amongst the best
  • Advertising to editorial ratio significantly improves readership of your advert
  • BJGP is recognised as a valuable and trusted source of important information by its readership
  • BJGP has a reputation for delivering the high quality information and research which influences clinical practice
  • Advertisements have a shelf life long beyond the current issue

Advertising options

The Journal offers display and classified advertising, carrier sheet advertising and inserts. To get the best deal, spread your advertising campaign over a number of issues to get significant volume discounts.

Download the BJGP media pack (PDF file, 608 KB).

Contact us for information on rates and discounts:

Telephone: 0161 872 6667

We offer a discount to registered charities, agencies, fellows, members and associates of the RCGP. All prices are subject to VAT.

Advertise across the College's digital platforms:

The BJGP website is the online platform for the British Journal of General practice, which includes all content published in the journal since 1953. In 2022 the site had 1.47 million users and 4.7 million page views. BJGP Open, the College’s open access journal launched in 2017 had 124,000 users and 208,000 page views in 2022. Super leaderboard and MPU spaces are available across both platforms. Booking this option ensures advertising across both platforms.

Download the BJGP media pack (PDF file, 608 KB).

RCGP eLearning is the College's key resource for educational and CPD provision. It receives over 2 million page views and 358,000 unique page views each month offering a fantastic opportunity to help build your brand to this large audience. This is the College's platform for its online learning modules, providing CPD to over 100,000 GPs and primary healthcare professionals.

Please note, we do not accept digital advertising of non-RCGP courses or course providers. Non-RCGP course providers may seek RCGP Educational Accreditation, for which successful applicants will receive some digital signposting opportunities within a dedicated and clearly identified area of the RCGP website. Further details are available from the RCGP accreditation team.

To discuss these options in more detail or as part of a wider advertising campaign, call 0161 872 6667 or email

The RCGP accepts advertising across the following eBulletins:

  • Learning eBulletin: There are three learning eBulletins sent out each month highlighting the latest learning resources from the College with one being dedicated to eLearning resources. Sent to over 26,000 (actively opted-in) GP members, including GP trainees, open rates are typically 25% with adverts taking the form of a leaderboard immediately underneath the email masthead.
  • BJGP eBulletin: This monthly eBulletin highlights the latest papers and articles within BJGP. Sent to over 30,000 (actively opted-in) GP members, including GP trainees, open rates are typically 27%.
  • RCGP Jobs eBulletin: This monthly eBulletin highlights the latest GP recruitment opportunities. Sent to over 17,000 (actively opted in) GP members, open rates typically 25%.

To discuss these options in more detail or as part of a wider advertising campaign, call 0161 872 6667 or email

Download the BJGP media pack (PDF file, 608 KB).

Advertise your GP and practice staff vacancies with RCGP Jobs and reach over 50,000 GPs including established, newly qualified and trainee GPs.

Spend your recruitment budget wisely – RCGP Jobs will save you money and provide the most effective advertising to help you fill your vacancy.

Not only can you place an advertisement within the printed version of BJGP, which has the largest distribution of any GP magazine or journal of over 50,000, we can also include every new job listing in the RCGP Jobs eBulletin, sent to over 18,000 GPs each month. This, along with RCGP Jobs, the College’s online jobs and recruitment platform, competitive pricing and a restricted number of agency advertisers makes RCGP Jobs the most effective way of filling your vacancies. Full details and pricing.

To advertise your vacancy, call 0161 872 6667 or email

Special offer for RCGP members

To support your recruitment efforts and save you money, RCGP members can purchase a one-month quarter page recruitment advert in the print edition of the BJGP and we’ll also list your job advert for free on our online jobs board for up to 12 months* or until your vacancy is filled.

What's more, we’ll promote your vacancy to all 50,000 RCGP members via our monthly eBulletin at no extra charge.

Packages available

  • Quarter page advertising package £695 + VAT (including 10% member discount) with up to 12 months online and eBulletin coverage.

To purchase one of these packages, email or call Susie Smith on 0161 872 6667.

*Offer applies only to the vacancy advertised in the BJGP print edition.

Please note we accept adverts for overseas vacancies, including the Republic of Ireland.


The RCGP offers you cost effective methods of reaching GPs with event and webinar sponsorship and exhibition opportunities

The RCGP provides a wide range of high-quality courses and events to support our members' continuing professional development.

Event and webinar sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are available, reaching over 50,000 RCGP members with pre-event promotions as well as opportunities to engage delegates at each event.

Current opportunities include:

One Day Essentials are a series of focused, one-day clinical conferences for general practitioners.

Sponsorship benefits to your organisation

  • Meet and network with key GPs across the series of events
  • Increase sales, generate new contacts and build a quality database
  • Raise the profile and industry awareness of your company, products and services
  • Pre-event marketing campaign ensuring you meet the right audience

Key package highlights

  • A 20 minute sponsored conference symposium as part of main programme
  • Digital advertising in the conference delegate information packs
  • Company logo and listed as principal sponsor on all event promotional material (emails, advertisements and website), reaching over 52,000 GPs
  • 100 word Company editorial on event website accompanied by logo and link to Company website
  • Company logo, 200 word Company editorial and listed as sponsor within the digital delegate pack 
  • Company logo on stage set in main conference room and identified as sponsor
  • Full delegate lists with names, roles and locations (if opted in)
  • Complimentary and discounted delegate passes - your colleagues or guests
A number of packages are available and we would be happy to discuss a package tailored to suit your needs. In addition, we would be pleased to discuss opportunities to sponsor the whole series or to exhibit at multiple events at a discounted rate. This series of events is currently taking place online.

The RCGP Annual Conference is the must attend event of the year for GPs and practice team colleagues, showcasing the latest clinical and policy developments across the UK and brings together an impressive range of national and international speakers. 

The conference, usually held in October, offers a wide range of unique and creative opportunities enabling you to demonstrate dedication and investment in the primary care industry and to stand out as a leader.

Exhibitor opportunities

A unique opportunity to engage and network with over 1500 GPs and practice team members

  • 100 word Company profile in the conference handbook and mobile app
  • Listing on the conference website with link to the exhibitors’ website
  • Full shell scheme and electrics package
  • List of attendees (subject to data protection)
  • Access to a wide range of exclusive sponsorship opportunities
  • All refreshments and lunch served within the exhibition hall to maximise flow of delegates
  • Increase sales and generate new contacts
  • Raise the profile and awareness of your company, products and services
  • Stay ahead of your competitors and learn about industry updates and developments
  • Conduct market research to identify the current issues and needs of primary care health professionals

Sponsorship opportunities

Conference sponsors will benefit from year-round marketing support via prominent exposure in advertisements, the conference website, marketing leaflets and eBulletins as well as considerable presence in event literature and during the event itself.

To discuss our various sponsorship and exhibitor packages, contact


The RCGP can work with you to fund and develop eLearning to over 100,000 GPs and primary care professionals, helping you reach a primary care audience.

Benefits of funding RCGP eLearning

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Exposure to GPs – we have over 100,000 registered primary care users
  • The RCGP is a trusted brand of high quality education with a loyal user base
  • Courses developed by GPs for GPs, made freely available to all healthcare professionals in the UK
  • RCGP eLearning content is dual branded with funders providing wide exposure of your brand:
    • Monthly eBulletin to members
    • RCGP website
    • RCGP local faculties and other relevant networks
    • RCGP social media channels
  • Our partners are involved every step of the way, from initial concepts through to launch.

Further information

To discuss in more detail contact Neil McGill:

Sponsorship policy

The sponsorship policy provides clear guidance on how RCGP should work with the pharmaceutical and other industries in the best interests of the College.

Donations policy

This guidance explains how RCGP makes decisions on whether to accept or refuse donation offers by applying risk-based criteria to these. The guidance extends to donations, which include requests to create awards and attach naming rights to these, and non-cash donations where examples are provided in the guidance. Any enquiries should be sent to