Trainee portfolio guidance and support

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Overview of the portfolio

The Trainee Portfolio is an easy-to-use system which allows trainees to document their learning throughout the entire training programme, in both hospital and primary care posts. Built on the modern FourteenFish platform, the system offers useful features such as the training map, rich progress graphs, assessment invite tracking and built-in artificial intelligence which scans entries for sensitive data.

The portfolio enables the supervisors to review the trainee's entries and progress. The system also allows the training programme and deanery staff to view the trainee's data through the FishBase portal.

Portfolio app

  • Your appraisal or trainee portfolio in your pocket
  • Seamless two-way synchronisation with the FourteenFish website
  • Add photos and files
  • Full dark mode support
  • Tag your entries as you go

Trainees can use the app to record and review learning logs on the go, even without an Internet connection. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Portfolio system support

You can contact the FourteenFish support team, where you can find a “Submit a request” form. There are also help pages and videos available on a lot of common topics.