Pathways to GP registration in the UK

A patient in a consultation with a GP

Before you can practise as a GP, you need to be accepted onto the General Medical Council's GP Register.

Use our Pathfinder and the link below to help you find the best pathway for you. You can also contact our GP Specialist Applications team for advice.

GPs in the UK need to the join the GMC GP register, for most this means completing a minimum of three years speciality training on a GMC approved programme, passing the MRCGP and gaining a CCT.

The combined training pathways provide the opportunity for you to combine up to 12 months of previous relevant experience with your GP training programme.

The Portfolio Pathway is an alternative route to the GP Register if you can demonstrate the knowledge, skills and experience required to work unsupervised as a GP in the UK.

GP registration information for the Recognised Specialist Qualification (RSQ) Pathway, launched in May 2024 for GPs qualified in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Apply to the GMC for direct entry to the GP Register with a relevant European qualification.

GP training and registration: Who's who

We've put together a guide which makes it easier to understand which GP organisation does what. 

Read the organisation guide