Bright ideas from general practice: Ways to improve the workload and workforce crisis

As part of RCGP's strategic Priority 1, “Tackle the workload and workforce crisis”, we've created this webpage to share case studies.

Here we share examples of good practice and innovations in general practice, from across the UK, to support GPs and your practices in developing your services and systems.

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Some of these may be ideas that won't work for you and your systems of working, others may be just what you are looking for! In others, you may find a clue to what you need, but aren't quite sure how to 'make it happen'. The contributors have kindly agreed to share their contact details - in this age of internet and IT communications, it is so much easier to contact someone, set up a Teams or Zoom call, and find out what they have done and what the short-cuts were! We have 55,000 members in our College - between us, we can find solutions to many of the problems we are facing.

Please browse the site to find inspiration from what others have done. If you'd like to share your own bright ideas and case studies, we can signpost to your webpage or share your case studies here. Please contact us to tell us your story.

The case study you submit will be received by Dr Nick Thomas, our Research Clinical Lead at the RCGP, to review and ensure suitability to add to our website. If we have any questions prior to doing this, Nick will be in touch. Thank you for accessing this webpage, and we hope you find it useful and inspiring.

Case studies: Workload

Here, we promote examples of good practice and innovation in managing workload.

FutureNHS is an online platform for everyone working in health and care to share good practice and innovation, and support collaboration. This website provides a wealth of good practice and innovation sharing, through a network of workspaces, online communities and working groups.

The key workspaces relating to general practice and streamlining workload are:

  • Primary Care Home
  • Digital Primary Care
  • Primary Care Workforce
  • PCNs and Practices Support Hub
  • Primary Care Improvement Connect

Visit FutureNHS

The NHS Confederation brings together, supports and speaks for the whole healthcare system. Its website includes the sharing of good practice and innovation relating to streamlining workload in a general practice setting.

Read its case studies.

You can also use the Confederation's networks, including its Primary Care Network, to share innovation in reducing workload and maximising workforce.

Visit NHS Confederation

Redmoor Health provides the Digital Journey Planner in partnership with NHS England to help practices maximise their digital capabilities. This online assessment tool helps practices to improve services for patients and efficiencies across the practice team.

GP workload can be reduced via the maximisation of digital patient information management, especially in regard to electronic prescribing and electronic repeat dispensing The Digital Journey Planner Foundation level is provided at no cost to practices in England.

Visit the Digital Journey Planner

This PCN has designed and implemented an innovative population health management approach to achieve significant streamlining of workload.

They have successfully developed a collaborative digital workforce tool to optimise workforce and appointment capacity.

Visit the Foundry model

This PCN has designed and implemented innovative centralised services, to achieve improvements in patient access to services and reduce GP workload.

A centralised PCN level care home team deliver to this PCN's Enhanced Health in Care Homes service requirements. A number of resources were developed for their external MDT colleagues to use.

Visit the Preston Park care home resources

A centralised PCN level Digital Ambassador Service works directly with patients to increase the use of the NHS App which reduces workload for GPs and their practice staff. A number of resources were developed for patients and practices to use.

Visit the Preston Park digital ambassador service

Case studies: Workforce

Here, we promote case studies around improvements made in workforce retention.

Devon Integrated Care Board provides an innovative programme of support for GPs aimed at identifying and supporting doctors under stress before their health or performance suffers.

GP appraisers are encouraged to explore wellbeing with their appraisees, and have been provided with the training, guidance and resources to do this in a sensitive and supportive way.

Visit the Devon GP wellbeing programme

This PCN Federation works at a place level providing an innovative wellbeing programme for practice staff. The programme was designed by a GP and delivers a unique space for mindfulness and self-care.

Visit the Brighton and Hove Federation wellbeing page

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