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Welcome to RCGP Mentoring where members can support one another in their career growth and development.

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Connect, support, grow

RCGP Mentoring offers an array of resources to help you navigate the mentoring process, supporting you in your role as a mentee or mentor and ensuring that your mentoring relationships are enjoyable and productive. 

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More about our GP mentoring scheme

Whether you are just starting training or approaching retirement - you can share your valuable perspective, knowledge and skills with your peers.

A mentor can be a valuable resource no matter where you are in your career and no matter what challenge you may be facing.

Mentoring is an incredibly valuable experience for both mentees and mentors

RCGP Mentoring allows mentors to…

  • Connect with a thriving community of members who support one another in their personal and career development locally and further afield
  • Support fellow members by sharing the wealth of experience and knowledge you have developed as a GP.
  • Grow both by helping the profession to flourish and by supporting your own personal development. Refine a raft of expertise such as communication and leadership skills.

RCGP mentoring supports you in your role as a mentor by providing a wealth of resources to help shape your relationships to make them as enjoyable and productive as possible. As a busy person, your role as a mentor can be moulded by you. Dedicate your time how and when it suits you by switching your availability, making the most of the easy-to-use request system and setting limits on how many mentees you wish to take on.