Becoming a GP

GP's are experts in their patients. They provide the first point of contact with the NHS for most people in their communities - there are approximately 1 million GP consultations in the UK every day. 

GPs are vital to their local community and contribute hugely to keeping the nation healthy. They deal with a wide range of medical conditions and will treat patients throughout their lives.

Develop a flexible career around the needs of your patients and your personal life.

Work in a range of practice and community settings and even travel the globe to improve patient care.

Work in your favourite industry from sport and politics to business, events and even the military.

Diagnose a wide range of complex conditions, both quickly and compassionately as an expert medical generalist.

Play the role of a detective as you make accurate diagnoses.

Change the lives of your patients as you develop an understanding of the people and diversity in your local community.

Join a profession where teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity are required every day.

Work with multi-skilled teams in your community to deliver extensive care for your patients.

Help inspire the next generation of doctors as a teacher.

Take on new and exciting roles as care for patients increasingly moves out of hospitals and into the community.

Be empowered to lead improvements in healthcare and be at the forefront as technology evolves.

Make significant contributions to the care of many millions of patients around the world through research and development.

Make a difference and ensure your patients receive the best possible care.

Treat the whole patients and look at the physical, social and psychological aspects of a patients well being throughout their lives.

See patients in a variety of settings including the privilege of their own home.

Download the Route to becoming a GP (PDF file, 628 KB)

The RCGP is delighted to work closely with the Medical Schools' Selection Alliance to support young people who are interested in studying medicine.

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