NHS pathways national clinical governance group

About us

NHS Pathways is a programme providing the Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS). This is used in NHS 111, half of English ambulance services, and NHS 111 Online. This triage system supports the remote assessment of over 15 million calls per annum. These calls are managed by non-clinical specially trained call handlers who refer the patient into suitable services based on the patient’s health needs at the time of the call.

These call handlers are supported by clinicians who are able to provide advice and guidance or who can take over the call if the situation requires it. The system is built around a clinical hierarchy. This means that life-threatening problems assessed at the start of the call trigger ambulance responses. Then it progresses through to less urgent conditions, which require a less urgent response (or disposition) in other settings.

NHS pathways, is overseen by the National Clinical Governance Group, hosted by the Royal College of General Practitioners. This group is made up of representatives from the relevant Medical Royal Colleges. Senior clinicians from the Colleges provide independent oversight and scrutiny of the NHS Pathways clinical content.

Our work

  • Supported development changes within NHS Pathways clinical content such as Stroke identification, qSOFA, Improved time to CPR to name but a few.
  • Overseen development of the NHS online version for 111 Online.
  • Supported the development of Senior Clinical Module used by clinicians within the Intergraded Urgent Care services.
  • Overseen development of Reception Point used within Blackpool A and E to stream walk in patients.
  • Developed and supported the Dental Module development alongside the NCGG Dental Sub group.

Group output

NHS Pathways