Health informatics group

The Health Informatics Group advises the RCGP, its officers and special interest groups, and external professional bodies on issues of information management and technology in general practice and healthcare in general.

Our role

  • Providing informed and authoritative advice and support to the RCGP, the College Council and Council Executive Committee (CEC) within its domain of expertise
  • Helping the RCGP develop a clear strategic vision in the field of information management in health care and its application to support clinical practice, decision-making and research
  • Assist the RCGP with implementing appropriate changes to its policies 
  • Together with the BMA, forming the Joint GP IT Committee, which is a contractually-mandated committee representing the views of GPs from all 4 nations and users of all GP systems in discussions relating to the use and management of these systems and GP data created therein.

Key outputs

Summary Care Records (SCR) are an electronic record of important patient information, created from GP medical records. They can be seen and used by authorised staff in other areas of the health and care system involved in the patient's direct care.

Dr Mark Spring is a GP at Sandford Surgery in Dorset. He is also the clinical lead for Urgent Care Services, a GP Out of Hours service in the same area. Dr Spring explains the value and simplicity of enriching Summary Care Records (SCR) with additional information.


The RCGP Health Informatics Group conducts extensive work and projects, on a local and national level. Such projects have included the Patient Online programme

Electronic records systems

Focusing on areas such as coding, clinical concepts, confidentiality, prescribing and networking between systems

Continuing professional development

Creating a series of e-learning modules for GPs on:

  • Education

Developing medical informatics curriculum standards and online e-learning modules for the MRCGP curriculum.

  • Supporting GPs with GP Systems

The Health Informatics Group was instrumental in the development of the Good Practice Guidelines for GP Electronic Health Records.

New and forthcoming work

Developing professional standards for online/video consultation, safeguarding patients and ensuring comprehensive, longitudinal care and high quality

Group outputs

Key activities and resources have included:


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