Neurodiversity special interest group (ND SIG)

The neurodiversity special interest group (ND SIG) is made up of GPs with an interest in neurodiversity.  Our primary aims are to improve education in this area; to develop a peer mentoring system for GPs in GPwER roles; to recognise and support neurodivergent patients, colleagues and trainees; and to advocate for policy and resources. 

About this group

The ND SIG is made up of GPs with an interest in neurodiversity.  Our objectives are as follows:

  • To provide a forum for GPs who are interested in neurodiversity to share knowledge, learning and experience;
  • To promote a wider discussion and understanding of neurodiversity across primary care;
  • To support clinical and academic development of GPs and other healthcare professionals who are interested in and/or affected by neurodiversity;
  • To link with other healthcare professionals who support our aims;
  • To facilitate an informed and coordinated approach by the medical Royal Colleges towards policy issues in relation to neurodiversity, at a local and national level;
  • To facilitate links with other organisations in the field.

Current work

  • Development of a website for GPs and other health professionals with an interest in neurodiversity to provide education and resources;
  • Ongoing collaboration via an active WhatsApp group for GPs and a Facebook group for GPs and AHPS with an interest in ND/ADHD;
  • Facilitating links with other organisations in the field.

Group outputs

Key activities and resources have included:

  • Registration with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a stakeholder group;
  • Development of an RCGP-recognised GPwER framework in neurodiversity;
  • Development of educational resources for the RCGP and other providers;
  • Presentation on neurodiversity at the 2023 RCGP conference;
  • Contribution to the incorporation of neurodiversity within the new GP core curriculum;
  • Our motion for additional resources for ADHD in primary care (external PDF) was presented and overwhelmingly supported at the 2023 England Local Medical Committees (LMC) conference;
  • Working with the GMC on development of a credential in neurodiversity;
  • Working with Deaneries on the recognition of and support for neurodivergent doctors;
  • Collaboration with the RCPsych special interest group (SIG).

Connect with us

Dr Heidi Phillips is the RCGP Clinical Advisor for Neurodiversity. You are welcome to contact her to find out more, or to join our lively Facebook and WhatsApp groups for sharing of learning and resources, discussion, or other connection.

Contact Dr Heidi Phillips

You may also wish to join the neurodiversity community on the RCGP forum.

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