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GPs are expert medical generalists who provide the first point of contact with the NHS for most people in their communities.

GPs contribute hugely to keeping the nation healthy. GPs deal with complexity and uncertainty each and every day. They become experts on their patients by building relationships, understanding their needs and treating them throughout their lives.

Blog posts from GPs and future GPs

Future GPs - Why I am choosing general practice

Dr Sham Mathurin-Charles shares her journey into medical school and why general practice is the career for her.

Read the blog post from Dr Sham Mathurin-Charles, FY2

Dr Chloe Gamlin discusses why she is choosing general practice this year despite the recent media storm.

Read the blog post from Dr Chloe Gamlin, FY2

"Sometimes you will provide health solutions, sometimes you will offer comfort, support or advice. You will be there for patients at some of their hardest times, and hear things which they won’t tell their closest friends or family - that is so humbling and rewarding."

Read the blog post from Dr Emma Tonner, FY2

"As an F2 in GP I had patients seeing me regularly, and even requesting to see me because I had built up trust with them. That is what medicine is all about for me – helping real people who trust your opinion and return to you because of the relationship you have created."

Read the blog post from Dr Rebecca Clegg, FY2

"For me, the questions “why do you want to be a GP?” and “why do you want to be a doctor?” have the same answer. I genuinely believe that general practice is the specialty that allows me to be the doctor that I hoped I would be when I was interviewed almost 10 years ago, whilst allowing me to use the entire breadth of my medical training every 10 minutes."

Read the blog post from Dr Lisa-Jayne Edwards, FY2

Why I chose GP - conversations with general practitioners

"I am now a qualified GP, with a portfolio career in the military, simultaneously enjoying clinical sessions in the NHS and Armed Forces, as well as teaching GP trainees, doing contraception clinics and studying for a diploma in sports and exercise medicine and MSc in Primary and Community Care."

Read the blog post from Dr Jodie Blackadder

"What I love most about GP is being a part of people’s stories, even if it’s just listening to them. And sometimes you can help to shape those stories, 30 or 40 of them every day. No story is the same, and neither is your role in it."

Read the blog post from Dr Nishma Manek

"I have always been keen on General Practice, and enjoyed the continuity and community setting. I like the aspect of looking after a whole population with continuity of care. I always knew I had an interest in General Practice, as well as medical education."

Read the blog post from Dr Hamed Khan

"The GPs there were incredible and truly inspirational. I observed and learnt with fascination how they communicated with each other and the patients, and how they treated me – with such kindness, support and patience. I realised then that the teamwork and community they built with each other was something I would like to do and be part of in my future."

Read the blog post from Dr Ly Anh Duyen Dang

GPs talk about how they came to choose a career in general practice.

Become an expert medical generalist and deliver extensive person-centred care.

A live and interactive session where leaders of general practice answer your questions about a career as a GP.

Somewhere in Between is the podcast made by AiTs for AiTs, which provides a chance to share your views as we navigate the journey somewhere in between trainee and GP.

Taking the next step

If you want to pin down some of the detail, almost everything you need to know about the application process can be found on the GP National Recruitment Office’s website.

Applicant guidance, and recruitment timelines are a good place to start.

Finding your route to the GP register

Not sure on your route into general practice? We’re here to help. Dependent on your current post, career stage and prior experience, different options may be available. Please note that before you can practise as a GP in the UK, you need to be accepted onto the General Medical Council's GP Register.

Use our interactive pathfinder to help you find the best pathway for you. You can also contact our GP Specialist Applications team for advice on

Find out more about qualifying as a GP in the UK

As a GP you can…

Design a career to suit you

Embark on a flexible, diverse and fulfilling career

“To me, general practice means choice. Choice in all aspects of my career. It means the possibility of pursuing any number of my current interests while equipping me with a broad medical basis. In no other specialty can you consider an extended role in palliative care or paediatrics, conduct research and all whilst maintaining a broad practicing base.”

Dr Maya Connolly, Foundation Doctor

Become an expert medical generalist

Diagnose a wide range of complex conditions, both quickly and compassionately as an expert medical generalist.

“You are guaranteed to learn something new every day, be that a rare condition, treatment or something about a patient whom you may have known for a long time. Uniquely, in a time of more protocols and paperwork than ever, you can treat multiple generations of the same family, ensuring a more meaningful type of medicine for both the doctor and patients.”

Dr Devon Kennard, GP Trainee

Thrive as a member of Team GP

Work with multi-disciplinary teams, in a range of practice and community settings, delivering continuing and comprehensive person-centred care.

“This job is variety in all its glory. A panoply of people giving me a fleeting glimpse into their lives. The computer screen gives me the monochrome version, I get the technicolour glory. The joy of a birth or the sadness of death. They are mothers, husbands, carers, friends and neighbours. I am their listener and advocate. We work together as a team piecing together a jigsaw.”

Dr Manpreet Bains, GP

Shape the future of primary care

Lead enhancements in healthcare, both locally and nationally, to improve patient care.

“My leadership time is supported by my practice and allows me to consider innovation in the respect of the clinical services and their delivery both within and outside the practice.”

Dr Mike Holmes GP Partner & Federation Director

Deliver extensive person-centred care

Provide highly effective personalised care to individuals, their families and populations in primary care and community settings.

“It’s an honour and a privilege to have patients lay their lives in front of me and ask for my help. I see a glimpse into their world and they open the door for me to see more as we develop a relationship that is born on trust and understanding. There’s nothing quite like it. Put simply, it’s the best job in the world.”

Dr Sophia Le Mare, GP Principal

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