International training and accreditation

International Training and Development programmes are tailored to our partners' needs. We believe our experience and unparalleled expertise in the field of primary care and family medicine allows us to offer a world class educational experience. For more information please contact

Our programmes

International consultancy services

We aim to provide advice which allows for an informed decision to be made on how best to develop primary care and family medicine in a country or region. Learn more in EnglishChinese Mandarin and Arabic [PDF]



International trainers course

A comprehensive programme aimed at developing clinical supervisors and lead educators into confident and competent medical educators of an international standard. Learn more in EnglishChinese Mandarin and Arabic [PDF]


gp training


Introduction to Training the Trainers

Designed to expose clinical supervisors and lead educators to the essential skills and experiences needed to become competent and confident medical educators. Learn more in EnglishChinese Mandarin and Arabic [PDF]


Brazil training course

UK Family medicine study tours

Attached to a UK Family Medicine training practice, participants observe the inter-professional approach to delivering the holistic model of primary care in the UK. Learn more in EnglishChinese Mandarin and Arabic [PDF]



gp training International master classes

Short, succinct courses allowing an opportunity to increase knowledge and skill in a specific area of primary care including Elderly care, Non Communicable disease, communication skills and many more. Learn more in EnglishChinese Mandarin and Arabic [PDF] 



Examinations and assessment accreditation

Rich RCGP accreditation [PDF] allows your organisation the opportunity to evidence excellence in family medicine examination and assessment. Accreditation will usually follow an International Consultancy visit [PDF] by a RCGP team of experts. This initial visit will outline the steps you might need to take to receive a form of RCGP accreditation.








We have been advised by the South Asia Board that the above will be held in Karachi in the second half of May and that registration is now live. Candidates from Brunei who have passed either the AKT or the OCSE have the opportunity to complete their MRCGP Int assessment. The last date to apply is 20 March 2021 and seats are limited/will be allocated on a first come/first serve basis.

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