Meet the RCGP International medical director for education and training

My name is Rich Whitnall, I’m delighted to introduce myself as the RCGP International Medical Director for Education and Training. I’ve worked in, and learned from, colleagues in over 20 countries. I’ve been a GP Trainer since 2002 and have worked with the RCGP International Team as a:

  • development advisor,
  • external development assessor and
  • medical Director for over a decade.

I am also the RCGP’s Chief Examiner responsible for delivering the UK’s national licensing assessment for General Practice. I have a particular passion for trying to reduce health inequality, celebrating diversity within Family Medicine, and recognising the importance of multidisciplinary teams in community-based care.

The RCGP International team share a vision of a world where excellent person-centred care in family medicine is at the heart of healthcare. All around the world, quality improvement activity (QIA) is an important part of delivering excellence in clinical care. Central to QIA is continual professional development and life-long learning.

RCGP International can tailor Training and Development programmes to meet the needs of our:

  • International and Overseas Members and Fellows,
  • other International Medical Graduates,
  • a wide range of other organisational and strategic partners up to Governmental level.

We believe RCGP’s experience and unparalleled expertise in the field of primary care and family medicine allows us to offer you a world-class educational experience. We can offer masterclasses on a wide variety of clinical, educational, assessment and administrative topics.

RCGP has a proven track record of:

  • delivering small group learning
  • plenary teaching to several hundreds delegates
  • educational conferences for several thousand delegates in parallel streams.

We can also provide services including international consultancy services:

  • International experienced trainer courses
  • Training-the-trainer courses
  • UK family medicine study tours
  • Advice and support on family medicine curriculum development including:
    • syllabus construction
    • teaching methods and
    • assessment design.

Training can be delivered at 30 Euston Square, London (the home of the RCGP), remotely over platforms including Microsoft Team or Zoom, or overseas in partnership with in-country hosts.

Please let us know how we can best support you, and if you would be interested in hosting an RCGP training event in your location. We are ready and here to help. For more information, please see the training and accreditation webpage.

About the writer

Professor Rich Whitnall KHS is a Fellow of the RCGP. A Fellow of the Academy of Medical Educators, a Senior Founding Fellow of FMLM, and a chartered manager.