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RCGP SCA preparation webinars for ST2s and ST3s

We are delighted to launch a free two-part webinar series for RCGP trainees who are preparing to take the SCA exam. We understand traineeship can be a stressful and demanding time - and this is where we can help. These webinars are designed to build your confidence and provide guidance and preparation to support you to achieve clinical competence and exam success. If you're planning to sit the exam, join us as we bring together a panel of MRCGP examiners who will guide you through this crucial assessment.

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What the webinars cover

  • Practical advice on what to expect and how to prepare for your upcoming SCA.
  • Case studies to illustrate best practice on how to structure consultations, including a three-part template you can recall in exam conditions.
  • Answers to your questions - you'll have an opportunity to hear first-hand from experienced examiners and ask those pressing questions.

Who the webinars are for

The webinars are aimed at ST2 and ST3 members. We encourage attendance at least three months before you anticipate sitting the SCA.

All trainees will have the opportunity to attend a webinar. Please only sign up if you are planning to take the exam shortly.

How to book a webinar

If you are due to take the SCA exam, give yourself the best chance at success.

Register your place on the next webinar

Other important information

  • The webinars are open to ST2 and ST3 RCGP members only.
  • The sessions will be delivered as a two-part series (we recommend trainees sign up to both parts).
  • Each webinar lasts two hours.
  • The sessions are delivered four times per year: April, July, October and January (2025 dates to be announced soon).
  • The content covers exam guidance and preparation, and consultation best practice. 

Further resources and support

For all enquiries, please email or call the team on 020 3188 7658.