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Sitting the SCA

Examination day guide

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of your SCA examination day. It covers all the key aspects of the examination, including: 

  • logging in
  • candidate registration with your invigilator
  • navigating each station from reading time to consultation
  • breaks and logging off
  • key platform functionality
  • how to seek support

Read the SCA examination day guide (PDF file, 1.2 MB).

Trainee Surgery Guide

We have created a comprehensive surgery preparation guide as a resource for trainees and their GP trainers to help them prepare their surgery and IT set-up to be SCA-ready. Trainees must meet the requirements outlined in the guide before they are able to sit your examination.

Device check and platform walkthrough

As part of preparing for the SCA examination, all trainees will be sent a link to complete a device check and platform walkthrough four weeks prior to sitting their examination.   

Device check 

It is important that you complete your device check on the same computer you will be using on your examination day, and in the room in your GP surgery that you have selected to sit the examination. It will only take you a few minutes to complete.     

Your computer will require either an internal or external webcam and a built-in microphone and speaker. You may also use external headphones and a microphone instead. Further guidance on the IT requirements can be found in the Trainee surgery guide on the RCGP website. When you have successfully completed the device check you will be asked to confirm the name of the GP surgery where you intend to sit the SCA examination and your contact phone number for the day of the examination.  


The purpose of the Osler Online walkthrough is to familiarise yourself with the platform functionality, so you are fully prepared ahead of your examination. As you will discover from the walkthrough, the examination platform is very straightforward and user friendly.    

You will be prompted to take the walkthrough after completing the device check, click the yellow 'yes please' button on the bottom of your screen to begin. You may retake the walkthrough as many times as you like before your examination day to refresh yourself on platform functionality. Please note that the two looping videos in the walkthrough do not have sound.