MRCGP: Simulated Consultation Assessment (SCA)

The Simulated Consultation Assessment (SCA) assesses a GP candidate’s ability to integrate and apply clinical, professional and communication skills.

Everything you need to know about the SCA

Find out more about the key drivers in the development of the SCA examination. Learn about the format of the online examination, where you'll sit the SCA and an overview of IT requirements.

Get info on your eligibility for sitting the SCA; when the nine diets are held; how to reserve and book your examination; a breakdown of the fee; and how to apply for a reasonable adjustment.

Valuable resources to help you to prepare, including a case content breakdown, case example videos, webinars, and a consultation toolkit that you can use with your trainer to develop your skills.

We explain everything you need to know about IT requirements, surgery set up, what to expect on the day, and the device check and platform walkthrough you’ll need to complete prior to sitting the SCA.

A breakdown of each marking domain, explanations on feedback statements, and suggested development areas. Learn about how you will receive your results, complaints and appeals, and re-sits.

The SCA at a glance

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