RCGP awards, guidance for making a nomination

As a registered charity, it’s especially important our awards are made to the most appropriate people, and the awards procedures are open and transparent. Bear in mind we receive a large number of nominations, and not all are successful.

Accuracy and completeness

If you are apply for or nominating someone for an award, it’s your responsibility to ensure you include all the required up to date and accurate information.

Special relationship with the nominee

It’s not appropriate to nominate someone with whom you have a close personal relationship for example, a spouse or someone you’re in partnership with.

If you’re nominating someone your work with at a university or other institution, you’ll need to explain the exact nature of your working relationship on the nomination form.

Eligibility for awards

Our awards recognise outstanding work for RCGP and for the development of general practice.

Paid work for RCGP, as an employee or a contractor, will not in itself be taken into account in assessing whether a candidate has done enough to justify an award. However, working for RCGP does not disqualify someone from consideration if they’ve done voluntary work which would otherwise merit an award.

General nomination guidelines

The following guidelines apply to RCGP awards:

  • wherever possible, nominations should be made without the knowledge of the candidate
  • it’s not appropriate to nominate yourself for an award, other than a competition award - and self-canvassing is discouraged
  • the awarding committee reserves the right to recommend nomination for a different award, if it’s this would be more applicable (the nominator would be contacted if this happened)
  • the same piece of work can only be used to apply for one RCGP award within a three-year period
  • information given on applications will be used solely for the purpose of supporting the objectives of RCGP in the administration of its awards, and all data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998

Find out more or nominate someone for an award

For full criteria and nomination forms, contact the Awards Administrator: secretariat@rcgp.org.uk or telephone: 020 3188 7534.

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