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RCGP Awards

GPs are the beating heart of patient care and primary care. 2020-21 has been one of the most challenging times in our history. Our awards recognise the excellence, the efforts and the contributions that have been made to general practice.

Awards by subject


Research Awards

Celebrating excellence in primary care research is an important part of the Research Programme at the RCGP. These awards celebrate research and help to promote them to GPs and the wider primary healthcare community.

Research awards and travel scholarships

We also offer a number of awards and scholarships recognising achievements in research and helping practitioners gain international experience.

John Fry Award

The John Fry Award is normally presented each year by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), in consultation with the Society of Academic Primary Care (SAPC).

The John Fry Award is presented to a Member or Fellow of the College who has promoted the discipline of general practice through research and scholarship. The award is intended to encourage people to undertake research as a practising GP, within 20 years of qualification as a GP, and not holding a professorial role.

Academic awards

Clinical Excellence Awards for Senior Academic General Practitioners

Applications for the 2021 national Clinical Excellence Awards through the Colleges processes are now closed.

The latest information on the 2021 awards is on the ACCEA website.

Rose Prize

The Rose Prize for original work in the history of British general practice is held every two years with the next deadline due in early 2023.  For details of the most recent award:

Training prizes

Fraser Rose Medal and the RACGP Trainee's Book Prize Award

The Fraser Rose Medal is awarded annually to the candidate who in completing the examination and concluding their training, has demonstrated outstanding performance to the panel of examiners. 

It was instituted by the Merseyside and North Wales faculty in 1972 and named in honour of Dr Fraser Rose who took a leading part in the formation of the RCGP.

The Royal Australian College donates a Trainee's Book Prize each year to be awarded to the Fraser Rose Medal winner.

Paul Freeling Award

Deadline: 23 July 2021

Award or awards of up to £1,000 for innovative or meritorious work in the field of GP Specialty Training for general practice. 

GP Specialty Trainee Award

Deadline for applications: 23 July 2021

Awarded for original and innovative work undertaken during GP specialty training. Up to five awards are available to attend the RCGP Annual Primary Care Conference in Liverpool from 14-15 October 2021.

RCGP-SAPC Annual elective prize

Deadline: end of May each year
An annual prize of £500 is awarded for the best proposal by a medical student for an elective based in Primary Care/General Practice. The proposal might be to submit a relevant ‘think piece’, research, improvement, innovation, invention, evaluation or audit.

Outstanding contribution

RCGP Certificate of Commendation

RCGP Certificate of Commendation is presented for outstanding contributions to the discipline of general practice and primary care.

Candidates for the award should normally be either long standing Members of the College or non medical people associated with general practice or the wider field of primary care.

Foundation Council Award

Deadline: End of March each year

One of the College's top awards, given for special meritorious work in connection with the College. 

George Abercrombie Award

Awarded from time to time for special meritorious literary work in general practice. The nominations are put to the Editorial Board of BJGP in the first instance and the Board's recommendation are put forward to the Fellowship and Awards Committee for consideration in April.

Honorary Fellowships

Honorary Fellowship is the College's most important award, awarded for outstanding work towards the objectives of the College.

The College is undertaking a review of the Honorary Fellowship process and are not accepting nominations at present.

The President's Medal

Deadline for nominations: End of March each year

The President's Medal is normally for a Member or Fellow who has achieved the most to promote the aims and objectives of the College. 

RCGP Membership under Ordinance 4(2)

Deadline for nominations: End of March and August each year.

Given in exceptional individual cases to doctors who have made a significant contribution to primary care, and for whom sitting the examination would be inappropriate at the stage they have reached in their career.

Patient care and outcomes

Discovery Prize Award

The Discovery Prize is awarded every three years for outstanding research in general practice. Important discoveries in general practice have transformed health care and the wellbeing of patients. The Discovery Prize recognises contemporary achievement of similar stature with continuing major importance for primary care in the UK and overseas.

  • Next award: 2021

RCGP Adolescent Health Care Award

This award is made in memory of Dr Kathy Phipps, who was an active and enthusiastic member of the RCGP Adolescent Health Group. The group aims to improve the quality of care and health outcomes for adolescents.

A discretionary prize of £250 will be awarded to the best poster on the theme of Adolescent Health Care for the RCGP Annual Primary Care Conference in October 2021.

The deadline for poster submissions will be confirmed at the end of March.
The conference will be from 14-15 October 2021 in Liverpool.

Community and volunteer awards

RCGP Inspire Awards

The RCGP Inspire Awards celebrate the invaluable contribution of our Member volunteers and the difference they make to bettering general practice and the RCGP throughout the year.

We’re thrilled to be able to deliver these awards again in 2021, after a year-long hiatus due to COVID-19.

This year we are particularly seeking to reward GPs and others across our diverse and widespread community of Members who have made significant contributions to mitigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, which may be ongoing at the time of awarding.

Find out more about these awards and be sure to share and nominate a GP, team or project that has inspired you this past year.

Celebrate our members

RCGP staff awards

John Horder Award

Deadline: End of February each year

The John Horder award recognises exceptional contributions by members of RCGP staff and will be presented at the College's Annual General Meeting.

The Chair of the Fellowship and Awards Committee invites nominations each year.

Michael Drury Award

Deadline: End of February each year

The Michael Drury Award recognises exceptional service by a staff member working out with the College headquarters. The award is presented at the College's Spring General Meeting.

The Chair of the Fellowship and Awards Committee invites nominations each year.

RCGP Lecturers

  • The William Pickles Lecture given at the Spring General Meeting and it is usually on a topic related to education.
  • The James Mackenzie Lecture given at the AGM and the topic usually relates to an aspect of clinical medicine.
  • The John Hunt Lecture was established to celebrate the College's fortieth anniversary. It is given once during each College presidency and is delivered by someone who is not normally medically qualified and is normally on a lay topic.

William Pickles Past Lecturers

Year                      Name                       
2019 Professor Sir T Stephenson
2018 Professor R McKinley
2017 Professor C Gerada
2016 Professor K Thomas
2015 Professor P Hungin
2014 Professor S Gregory
2013 Professor V Wass 
2012 Professor J Bligh
2011 Dr T Davies
2010 Professor Sir J Tooke
2009 Professor A Howe
2008 Professor T Greenhalgh
2007 Professor S Hilton
2006 Professor Y Carter
2005 Professor A Esmail
2004 Professor G Watt
2003 Professor B Starfield
2002 Professor J Hayden
2001 Professor AL Kinmonth
2000 Sir K Calman
1999 Dr I Heath
1998 Professor S Murray
1997 Professor R Jones
1996 Professor I McWhinney
1995 Dr D Pendleton
1994 Dr EG Buckley
1993 Professor NCH Stott
1992 Professor CV Weel
1991 Dr M Boland
1990 Dr WMcN Styles
1989 Professor C Harris
1988 Dr MSTA Lawrence
1987 Dr M McKendrick
1986 Professor DHH Metcalfe
1985 Sir George Godber
1984 Dr JS Norell
1983 Professor JH Walker
1982 Professor WG Irwin
1981 Professor I Richardson
1980 Dr MP Taylor
1979  Dr DC Morrell
1978 Dr P Freeling
1977 Dr KM Parry
1976 Professor JDE Knox
1975 Dr D Irvine
1974 Professor ML Marinker
1973 Dr G Swift
1972 Dr RP Maybin
1971 Dr JE McKnight
1970 Dr WS Gardner
1969 Dr JP Horder
1968 Dr PS Byrne

James Mackenzie Past Lecturers

Year                        Name             
2019 Professor T Fahey
2018 Professor C Salisbury
2017 Professor J Campbell
2016 Professor T Avery
2015 Professor F Sullivan
2014 Professor P Little
2013 Professor N Mathers 
2012 Professor H Lester
2011 Professor J D Maeseneer
2010 Professor L Ritchie
2009 Professor M Lakhani
2008 Professor M Marshall
2007 Professor R Hobbs
2006 Professor D Haslam
2005 Professor S Brown
2004 Professor M Stewart
2003  Professor R Baker
2002  Professor M Pringle
2001 Dr D Mant
2000 Professor P Fugelli
1999 Dr J Toby
1998 Professor M Roland
1997 Dr B Sweeney
1996  Professor R Higgs
1995 Professor A Haines
1994 Professor RC Fraser
1993 Professor L Southgate
1992 Professor G Fowler
1991 Dr L Newman
1990 Professor B Jarman
1989 Dr J Tudor Hart
1988 Dr C Waine
1987 Dr GN Marsh
1986 Professor JGR Howie
1985 *Dr AG Donald
1984 Dr JC Hasler
1983 Professor Sir Michael Drury
1982 Dr ISL Loudon
1981 Dr SJ Carne
1980 Dr R Steel
1979 Dr CR Kay
1978 Dr WW Yellowlees
1977 Dr DJ Pereira Gray
1976 Dr J Fry
1975 Dr MC Stone
1974 Professor JS McCormick
1973 Dr JL Stevens
1972 Dr JH Hunt
1971 Dr DL Crombie
1970 Dr EV Kuenssberg
1969 Dr GKH Hodgkin
1968 Lord Amulree
1967 Dr Ronald Gibson
1966 Dr GI Watson
1965 Dr RMS McConaghey
1964 Professor R Scott
1963 Dr JM Henderson
1962 Dr RJFH Pinsent
1961 Dr KA Gillie
1960 Dr LW Batten
1959 Dr JAL Vaughan Jones
1958 Dr GF Abercrombie
1957 Dr DM Hughes
1956 Dr ID Grant
1955 Dr GO Barber
1954 Dr WN Pickles

John Hunt Past Lecturers

2019 Sir M Marmot
2017 Sir T Smit
2015 Baroness S Chakrabahti
2012 Professor A Sen
2008 Dr D Berwick
2005  Dame J Smith
2002 Sir A Langlands
2000 Mr J Berger
1994 Professor The Revd G Dunstan
1992 The Prince of Wales 

Awards by location


RCGP Scotland

  • RCGP Scotland Outstanding GP Award (annual): The award will recognise outstanding achievement of quality patient care. GPs can be nominated by their colleagues and peers or, where applicable, by the local PPG/patient group.
  • RCGP Scotland Alastair Donald Award (annual): The award will recognise outstanding achievement in the areas of service delivery, education, research and wider contribution to society. It will also commemorate the contribution that Alastair Donald made to the RCGP.
  • RCGP Scotland Student Award for Creativity in General Practice (annual): The award will be given a Scottish medical student or foundation doctor in Scotland who has provided a creative piece which illustrates what general practice means to them and the impact that GP has on patient care.
  • RCGP Scotland Early Career Academic GP Award (annual): It is open to all GPs in Scotland who have completed CCT within the last 5 years and do not yet have a higher degree (PhD or MD) or who were awarded their PhD in the same calendar year or the calendar year before the paper was published. Potentially, candidates could apply more than once in successive years, but they cannot apply more than three times in total.
  • RCGP Scotland / NES Outstanding GP Trainer Award (annual): The award will be given to a GP Educational Supervisor in Scotland who has provided excellence in teaching and training of GP Trainees as detailed in the nomination form. Nominations can only be received from Trainees who have completed their training in the previous 18 months (and are therefore no longer GP Trainees).
  • RCGP Scotland Outstanding GP Trainee Award (annual): The award will be given a GP Trainee in Scotland who has completed training and is considered outstanding by either their GP Educational Supervisor or TPD. The award will take into consideration all aspects of training and the journey that the Trainee may have taken. The nominator may wish the judging panel to consider any pertinent obstacles that a Trainee has had to overcome in the period of their training to demonstrate their overall achievement in completion of their training and the well-rounded, excellent GP they have become. Nominations can only be received from GP Educational Supervisors or TPD for Trainees who have completed their training in the previous 18 months (and therefore are no longer GP Trainees).
  • RCGP Scotland/ Scottish Government Cluster Quality Improvement Project Award (annual): It is open to all clusters in Scotland. The application needs to describe an innovative improvement project that has been completed in the two years prior to the date of call for applications. The innovation should be described in no more than three pages of A4 via the available nomination form.
  • RCGP Scotland Outstanding Practice Award (annual): The RCGP Scotland Practice Team Award recognises the outstanding work of Practice Teams in Scotland and the high standard of quality patient care they achieve.

North East Scotland Faculty

  • Sir Lewis Ritchie Prize (annual): This annual award is presented to the trainee with the highest combined AKT and CSA scores of those completing training this year in the North East of Scotland, Orkney and Shetland.
  • Innovation Award (annual): Innovative achievement within Primary Care in the North East of Scotland Region. This could include innovation in the clinical, administrative or managerial spheres.
  • Palliative Care Award (annual): To recognise and acknowledge quality and achievement within Palliative Care.
  • Provost Medal (annual; the Faculty Awards Committee will make its recommendation(s) for final approval by Faculty Board. The medal does not require to be awarded annually): The medal will usually be awarded to a member or fellow of the College, who has provided excellence/substantial contribution to General Practice in North East Faculty area and/or in a national or international context. On occasion and in exceptional circumstances, there may be a non member of the College that the Faculty would wish to recognise for their outstanding contribution to General Practice. All nominees must have a formal role within General Practice in North East Faculty area.
  • AiT Conference Bursary (annual): 2 x AiTs to receive bursary to attend Annual Conference.
  • Denis Durno Award (annual): The Denis Durno Award recognises GP educationalists including undergraduate teachers and those involved in postgraduate teaching, including trainers and educational supervisors within GP Specialty Training and those more widely involved in postgraduate education who have ‘gone the extra mile’ to deliver high quality personal teaching to young doctors preparing for careers in general practice. The Denis Durno Award has been endowed by NE Scotland Faculty to recognise the contribution of Dr Denis Durno MBE who was the first Regional Adviser in General Practice in NE Scotland.
  • RCGP 1996 Spring Symposium Bursary (annual): To provide the opportunity for a General Practitioner from the North East of Scotland Faculty area to travel and study the delivery of general practice, or teaching and training programmes elsewhere.

West Scotland Faculty

  • AiT Conference Competition (annual): 2 x AiTs in Faculty to win tickets to Annual Conference.
  • WONCA Europe Conference Competition (annual): AiT or F5 in Faculty to win ticket to Conference.
  • Community Prize (annual): Medical student who deserves to be recognised for their voluntary contribution in the local community.
  • Stuart Murray Medal (annual): AiT in Faculty with highest CSA score.
  • James Scobbie Medal (annual): AiT in Faculty with highest AKT score.

East Scotland Faculty

  • AiT Conference Competition (annual): AiT Poster Prize - submit poster locally, one winner is selected to submit poster to Annual Conference. if selected to have their poster displayed, conference ticket paid, £200 towards travel expenses and £200 prize money.
  • John Lawson Award (annual): Awarded to the final year student who gains the highest outcome results in their 5th year General Practice Placement. This result is a combination of the end of block assessment, professional attributes, Mini CESs and CBD.
  • 4th Year Merit Awards (annual): Highest outcome results in 4th Year GP Placement and is a combination of the end of block assessment, professional attributes, Mini CEXs and CBD - this is for the £150 prize. The remaining Merit Awards - awarded to five 4th year students who gain the Highest outcome results after the Prizewinner is a combination of the end of block assessment, professional attributes, Mini CEXs and CBD..

North Scotland Faculty

  • GPST of the Year Award (annual): The Award aims to recognise, celebrate and encourage Caledonian/Rural track Specialty Trainees who go over and above the requirements of the e-portfolio and exam process. This has been created by trainees for trainees with the support of RCGP North Scotland Faculty and NHS Education Scotland (NES).

South East Scotland Faculty

  • Trainee of the year (annual): Awarded to local Trainee with the highest results in both AKT and CSA.
  • Pat Manson Educators Award (annual): Nominated by local Trainees, in recognition of outstanding contribution made by anyone related to training (not just trainers).
  • Provost Medal ("as and when" - not always presented annually): Awarded to someone in the Faculty in recognition to their work to general practice locally.
  • Joint QiP award (annual): Joint award with NHS Education Scotland; Faculty provide the funding and NES do the selection process.


RCGP Wales

  • GP of the Year (annual): Find out more about the GP of the Year award.
  • Practice Team of the Year (annual): Find out more about the Practice Team of the Year award.
  • Cluster Innovation Award (annual): This is a new RCGP Award for 2019, which will be presented at the Gala Awards Winter Ball.
  • ThriveGP! Award (annual): New Award introduced in 2019. GPs need to demonstrate what mechanisms they use to achieve work/life balance and how this has contributed to how they thrive on a day to day basis.
  • Trainee of the year (annual): Trainee who achieves the highest combined score in the RCGP Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) and the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA).

South West Wales Faculty

  • Student Prize (annual): Students write a piece of reflective writing on their placement in general practice.
  • Student Prize (annual): Year 2 Student Living with Diagnosis Project Case Study.
  • Student Bursary x 2 (annual): Students apply for the conference ticket to attend RCGP Annual Conference.
  • AiT Bursary x 2 (annual): Trainees apply for the conference ticket to attend RCGP Annual Conference.
  • First5 Bursary x 1 (annual): First5 GPs apply for the conference ticket to attend RCGP Annual Conference.

South East Wales Faculty

  • Student Prize (annual): Cardiff GP long case entries.
  • Student Bursary x 2 (annual): Students apply for the conference ticket to attend RCGP Annual Conference.
  • AiT Bursary x 2 (annual): Trainees apply for the conference ticket to attend RCGP Annual Conference.
  • First5 Bursary x 1 (annual): First5 GPs apply for the conference ticket to attend RCGP Annual Conference.

North Wales Faculty

  • No awards currently given.

Northern Ireland

RCGP Northern Ireland

  • GP of the Year (annual): Patient nominated award. Nominations are now closed for 2021.
  • Practice of the Year (annual): Patient nominated award. Nominations are now closed for 2021.
  • Student Awards x 3 (annual): NI medical students have the opportunity to write a 500 word essay on why they want to be a GP. First prize and two runners up are awarded. The awards are now closed for 2021.
  • Chair's Award (annual): Awarded to the AiT with the highest combined CSA and AKT examination scores in a given year.
  • First5 Bursary (annual): NI First5 members apply for the award to attend RCGP conference or learning conference related to general practice. Each applicant can apply for up to £500 to cover costs for travel, booking fees, etc. The bursary is now closed for 2021.

Republic of Ireland

Republic of Ireland Faculty

  • Clinical case undergraduate award (annual): Local medical schools run a clinical case competition. The winners attend an all Ireland final at the annual Spring meeting.
  • Manne Berber Research Award (alternate years): Awarded to a GP, MICGP or MRCGP, working in general practice in Ireland, for original research or a completed audit.
  • Robert Slaney Memorial Award (annual): Awarded to a GP, MICGP or MRCGP, working in general practice in Ireland, for original research.
  • Sheppard Memorial Prize (alternate years): Awarded by the Royal College of General Practitioners in Ireland to an undergraduate/postgraduate for an original essay.

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