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Maybe you’ve been working in clinical practice for over five years, approaching the middle, or perhaps later stages of your career.

With RCGP membership, your voice as an experienced GP is always valued. You’ll have a platform where your expertise counts, and ongoing opportunities to develop new skills and experiences within our professional family of over 54,000 GPs. Together, we can be a powerful force for general practice. 

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Membership benefits and features

As a member, we’ve got you covered with access to resources, courses, publications, events and career support:

I'm an established GP. Am I still eligible for membership?

Of course. If you have been on the GMC GP register for a minimum of five years and completed at least one revalidation cycle, you’re eligible to apply for RCGP membership via our inclusive route, and access all the benefits and representation RCGP membership has to offer.

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Personal stories

Discover the endless opportunities general practice has to offer and be inspired by your peers.

Want to share your career story? Get in touch via - we’d love to hear from you. 

Approaching the later stages of your career?

Discover the work of our Later Career and Retired Members (LCARM) Community Group, representing the interests of later career and retired members.

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As an RCGP member there’s always someone you can ask.

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