RCGP response to Panorama investigation into Operose

The Royal College of GPs has responded to a Panorama investigation into the GP practice operator, Operose Health.

Professor Martin Marshall, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, said: “GPs work with many other highly skilled healthcare professionals, including nurses, pharmacists, physios, and physician associates to deliver the appropriate general practice care and services that patients need, which is not always the generalist medical expertise of a GP. None of these professionals are replacements for GPs, but working in multi-disciplinary teams can ensure patients get quicker access to appropriate care, and help to free up GPs’ time for patients with the most complex health needs.

“However, it’s essential that all healthcare professionals working in general practice receive appropriate training, support and supervision, and that no healthcare professional is asked to work outside their clinical competence, this would both be unfair on them and a risk to patient safety.”

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