RCGP news


21 June 2024

New figures echo College concerns around unemployment issues for GPs

Following RCGP research published this week into GP unemployment, Chair Kamila Hawthorne responds to a BMA survey that reflects our findings.

20 June 2024

New back pain research 'important' and should be considered as guidelines updated

RCGP Chair Kamila Hawthorne featured in the media responding to new research in The Lancet on the benefits of regular walking in treating back pain.

20 June 2024

RCGP calls for halt to recruitment of Physician Associates in general practice, following consultation with more than 5,000 GPs

The RCGP has published the results of its consultation with members on the role of Physician Associates working in general practice.

20 June 2024

Doctors call for action on air pollution

Doctors mark Clean Air Day by calling on the Scottish Government to act on air pollution to reduce preventable ill health in Scotland.

19 June 2024

GPs struggling to find jobs while patients are ‘crying out’ for appointments, says College

New research from the RCGP finds six out of 10 job-seeking GPs are struggling to find vacancies.

17 June 2024

‘We want the best for patients - at all stages of their life’, says College Chair

College Chair Kamila Hawthorne featured in the Mail Online, The Express and the Independent today responding to a report by Age UK on the experiences of access to GP services of patients in later life.

17 June 2024

‘Unacceptable that families are forced to rely on foodbanks’, says College Chair

College Chair Kamila Hawthorne featured in The Guardian today responding to a report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on the impact of hardship and deprivation on child health.

13 June 2024

‘We must support areas of greater deprivation’, says College Chair

College Chair Kamila Hawthorne featured in Pulse responding to their investigation into the link between lower GP practice funding and the number of patients per staff.

13 June 2024

College responds to Labour's plans for general practice, welcoming focus but highlighting need for funding

The RCGP welcomes Labour’s manifesto plans on primary care improvements but highlights the need for sufficient resources.