Ban on ‘conversion therapy’ should protect all LGBT people

The RCGP has spoken out against Government proposals to ban so-called conversion therapy on the basis of sexual orientation but not gender identity.

The following letter has been published in The Guardian this morning:

The RCGP is one of 20 health organisations signatory to a memorandum of understanding opposing conversion therapy, so we were disappointed by the Government’s proposal to ban the practice for lesbian, gay and bisexual people in England and Wales – but not for trans people.

This document initially only covered sexual orientation. When it was updated to include gender identity, we worked with other signatories to ensure the memorandum was clear that being opposed to conversion therapy did not mean opposing appropriate clinical interventions for trans and gender-questioning people.

This demonstrated that it is entirely possible to deliver a ban on conversion therapy that protects all LGBT people. It is critical that the government come to this same position.

Professor Martin Marshall
Chair, Royal College of General Practitioners
London, NW1

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