RCGP news


09 August 2023

RCGP Scotland comment on antidepressant prescriptions

RCGP Scotland Joint Chair Dr Chris Williams comments on the prescription of antidepressants by GPs.

03 August 2023

Improved access to diagnostics will undoubtedly support GPs in their referral decisions says College Chair

College Chair responds to the latest NHS England initiative to fast-track tests and checks for respiratory and heart conditions.

03 August 2023

Safe, timely and appropriate care can be delivered both in person and remotely, says College Chair

College Chair responds to the latest Pulse survey on face-to-face appointments provided by GPs.

31 July 2023

RCGP Chair responds to a government proposal on sick notes

College Chair responds to the latest government proposals to encourage GPs to refer patients to life coaches instead of signing sick notes.

30 July 2023

It can be a genuine threat to patient safety and potentially contribute to supply shortages, says College Chair

College Chair responds to the rise in off-label prescriptions of Ozempic for personal weight loss and the impact this has on supply for diabetes treatment.

27 July 2023

The trends we’ve seen over the past year can’t be allowed to continue, says College Chair

College Chair responds to the latest NHS Digital data on general practice workforce and GP appointments.

27 July 2023

College responds to BMJ investigation into Medical Royal Colleges and industry sponsorship

An article in today’s BMJ alleges that Medical Royal Colleges, including the RCGP, ‘do not always disclose publicly’ the funding they receive from pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

18 July 2023

GPs and our teams can’t work any harder – we need more doctors and more time to care, says College Chair

College Chair Professor Kamila Hawthorne has responded to figures out today from the Lib Dems claiming that patients in some parts of the country are waiting up to four weeks for a GP appointment.

14 July 2023

We mustn't get complacent about measles, warns RCGP Chair

Following the UK Health and Security Agency’s data warning on the risk of an outbreak of measles in London, Professor Kamila Hawthorne, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, has called for greater vaccine engagement and less complacency.