Dr Amos: from The Traitors to being appointed Club Doctor at Luton Town FC

Dr Amos Ogunkoya has had a rather busy year. Starting 2023 on the high following his TV appearance on The Traitors, Amos continued working in his practice while also being the team doctor for Colchester United. He now has a new string to his bow as he has recently celebrated becoming the youngest first-team club doctor in the Premier League for newly promoted Luton Town FC.

Amos has always been interested in sports, and when he decided to become a GP, he knew he wanted to have a portfolio career. He completed his Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine and has been involved in football for years, but this summer, he qualified to become a specialist in GP.

So, did he always know that this was an option?

"I knew it was an option, but it became more apparent that it was actually doable and that the path to being with a top team was achievable. I think about it like this - there are few doctors in general and few doctors and sports scientists. I was experienced and had further qualifications, and few doctors have experience in football, so once you get those steps in, it becomes more likely. I didn't think I'd be in the Premier League this quickly, but it was always part of the plan."

One of the factors that has helped Amos reach his goal is having the support of his practice, where he keeps three sessions a week while also committing to his role as a team doctor. Most matches are on a Saturday, and if he ever has to change his shifts around the game being away or on a weekday, his practice allows him the flexibility he needs to do this.

What advice does Amos have for GP trainees?

"My sister is one of those people; she's an ST3. The advice would be that general practice is much broader than you think. It gives you the options and the mobility to expand how you want to develop. I'm a GP interested in sports and exercise medicine and I'm officially a special interest GP.

The bread and butter is in the practice, so I've kept my clinics. You need to be a generalist still, and it's crucial to keep fulfilling that as well, but keeping it varied avoids burnout. I'm really enjoying this new role. It's a challenge because it's a lot of pressure, but it's also something I really look forward to."

We wish Amos all the best in his new role at Luton Town as he demonstrates just one of the many options available to GPs who want to broaden their focus. If you want to learn more about developing clinical interests in specific areas, visit our General Practitioners with Extended Roles webpage.

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Dr Amos smiling standing against a Terrence Higgins Trust backdrop.

Dr Amos Ogunkoya

Dr Amos Ogunkoya

Dr Amos Ogunkoya is a GP working in North London. He has a Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine and studied at Queen Mary University, London. He recently became the youngest first-team club doctor in the Premier League for newly promoted Luton Town FC.