AiT Community Group

RCGP supports and encourages its AiT members to shape their membership experience through the running of its AiT Community Group, which exists to ensure that trainees have the opportunity to: 

  • Shape their experience as an AiT member of the RCGP
  • Discuss matters relevant to GP training
  • Make suggestions and propose changes to improve the College's offer for trainees

AiT Chair 2023-24 

Dr Akram Hussain 

Dr Akram Hussain is currently a GP trainee in the Ayrshire/Arran deanery, West Scotland. He moved to the UK in January 2021 as an IMG from India. His time with the RCGP began in November 2022 during ST1 as a representative for West Scotland. He later became the Deputy Chair of RCGP Scotland First5/AiT Committee, Education Lead for the West Scotland faculty, and is now RCGP AiT Chair. 

I have particular interests in emergency medicine and leadership, alongside organisation and management skills. My journey with RCGP has been an incredible experience so far, with its own challenges to face. Being involved with the Royal College has certainly helped me develop my skills and I look forward to engaging with more trainees and healthcare leaders across general practice over the next year, so that we can work together to improve the GP training experience.

AiT Vice Chair 2023-24 

Dr Maryanna Taverner 

Dr Maryanna Taverner lives and works in Dorset as an ST2, having trained in London and Winchester previously.  She came to medicine late, so bring with me a love of music, Greece, environment, community, travel, and education. She finds medicine in general, and general practice in particular, a great way to use and develop talents and interests, including training experience at the RCGP.  

The RCGP prides itself on being our professional home, how great to have such caring and commitment on our side. I hope you will come to find corners of the RCGP that you weren't aware of. The offer for exam preparation is comprehensive, the breadth of courses is impressive, and the opportunity to join art, writing and wellbeing events online is very welcome. Have a look out for the emails from RCGP Chair, Kamila Hawthorne every Friday, click on some of the offerings from the local Faculties and consider attending events online or in person. That way Akram and I can increase the engagement of our community of 17,000 trainees, grow the experience and make positive change.


The AiT Community Group meets formally 4 times a year and will next meet on 6 March 2024. 


Members of the AiT Community Group represent their local RCGP faculty, to find out who your local representative is, visit your faculty page.  

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