RCGP urges patients not to be deterred from seeking medical assistance for non-Covid conditions as a potential second wave approaches

23 September 2020

Responding to a study in The Lancet on the diagnosis of physical and mental health conditions in primary care during the Covid-19 pandemic, Professor Martin Marshall, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, said: “Data from the College’s Research and Surveillance Centre shows a decrease in demand for routine GP consultations at the height of lockdown, which coincides with the period this study looks at, so the findings aren’t altogether surprising.

GPs welcome the new C25 curriculum at Queen’s University Belfast

21 September 2020

Queen’s University Belfast has this week launched its revised undergraduate medical school curriculum (C25), which gives students greater exposure to general practice and community-based care.

Clear public messaging and effective test and trace 'more crucial than ever', says College in response to Chief Medical and Scientific Officers' warnings of a second wave of COVID

21 September 2020

Professor Martin Marshall, Chair of the Royal College of GPs said: "As the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Officer said this morning, we all have a role to play in ensuring we avoid a devastating second wave of COVID-19. It is essential that people continue to strictly follow Government advice including social distancing and good hygiene measures.

General practice should not be a replacement for Test and Trace, says RCGP

21 September 2020

Commenting on COVID-19 testing, Professor Martin Marshall, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, said: "As children go back to school and we approach what is set to be a hard winter, it’s vital that GPs and our teams are prioritised for Covid-19 testing. A lack of access to testing is already impacting on capacity in general practice, as staff isolate whilst awaiting results, and the care that can be delivered to patients.

College response to legal challenge in respect of RCGP Council’s decision (in February 2020) to maintain its position opposing a change in the law on assisted dying.

18 September 2020

RCGP Chair Professor Martin Marshall said: “We are very disappointed to hear of this action, especially as we were transparent about our methodology and decision-making processes from the outset of the consultation.

New personalised care training hub will set standards for evidence-based education and aims to reach 75,000 health and care workers by 2024

15 September 2020

The Personalised Care Institute (PCI), a virtual organisation for evidence-based personalised care training, convened by the Royal College of GPs in partnership and funded by NHS England and Improvement launches today. The PCI will set standards for evidence-based training, offering workers from across health and care sectors access to accredited personalised care training and development.

College reminds public that vaccines only work if people have them in response to new data which shows a fall in demand for childhood vaccines

14 September 2020

Professor Martin Marshall, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, said: "The latest data from Public Health England shows that uptake rates for childhood vaccinations fell at the start of lockdown but have since risen to around pre-pandemic rates, which is encouraging. However, as the world awaits a COVID vaccine to help us tackle the virus, it’s concerning that demand for readily available childhood vaccines is still lower than it was last year. We can’t stress enough how important it is that children are up-to-date with their vaccination schedules.

‘Insult’ to GPs to imply they haven’t been doing their job properly during pandemic, says RCGP

14 September 2020

Responding to NHS England’s letter to GP practices about access to GP services, Professor Martin Marshall, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, said: “General practice is open and has been throughout the pandemic. GPs have been delivering a predominantly remote service in order to comply with official guidance and help stop the spread of Covid-19.

New data highlights GPs' significant role in tackling COVID-19 throughout pandemic

08 September 2020

Responding to new research from Queen Mary University of London, published in the British Journal of General Practice, Professor Martin Marshall, Chair of the Royal College of GPs said: “This data shows the significant role GPs and our teams have played in tackling COVID-19 and delivering care to patients during the pandemic – and how the virus has impacted on all parts of the health and care services. General practice has been open throughout the pandemic with GPs and our teams continuing to deliver the vast majority of NHS patient care to patients with both COVID and non-COVID conditions.

RCGP urges parents and teachers to be aware that COVID-19 symptoms in children may be different to those displayed by adults

08 September 2020

Professor Martin Marshall, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, said: "COVID-19 is a new virus that we’re learning about all the time, including its symptoms and how it impacts different groups of patients, such as children - and this is useful data. GPs are doing their utmost to keep up-to-date with the latest evidence and relevant clinical guidance to ensure that we can deliver the best possible care to all our patients who have conditions associated with COVID-19.

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