RCGP news


08 March 2024

RCGP calls for immediate action on GP workforce pressures

The College responds to new report from the Nuffield Trust showing patients can face an uphill struggle to see a GP.

07 March 2024

GPs and their teams deliver 32.5 million appointments in January 2024

'Unsustainable' workload in general practice, as highlighted by latest NHS appointment figures.

06 March 2024

RCGP writes to express 'dismay' over new GP contract

The RCGP has raised concerns with the DHSC and NHSE over new GP contract arrangements, which will result in real terms funding cuts to general practice.

04 March 2024

College welcomes greater awareness and research for endometriosis

College Chair responds to the latest research by Endometriosis UK on diagnosis times.

04 March 2024

RCGP urges higher childhood vaccination uptake

College Chair Professor responds to the latest campaign from UKHSA and NHS England urging parents to ensure their children catch up on missed vaccinations.

04 March 2024

RCGP calls out devastating impact of health inequalities

College Chair Professor Kamila Hawthorne featured in today’s Guardian responding to a study by Healthwatch England on health inequalities and access to care.

29 February 2024

RCGP Chair responds to the launch of ‘same-day access hubs’

Professor Kamila Hawthorne is in today’s BBC and Telegraph, responding to the launch of ‘same-day access hubs’ by the North West London Integrated Care Board.

23 February 2024

RCGP welcomes new study highlighting the importance of continuity of care

The College responds to a new study from University of Cambridge showing having a ‘regular doctor’ can significantly reduce GP workload.

22 February 2024

RCGP calls out closure of national retention schemes

The RCGP has written to the CEO of NHS England and the Primary Care Minister to express concern over the closure of national retention schemes.