Early career GPs (First5s)

We know that when you take those initial steps into independent practice it’s exciting and challenging. That’s why, during your first five years as a GP, RCGP membership offers the support and resources you’ll need as you transition from training into practice. 

Through mentoring, professional networks, and sharing experiences, we're here to help you build your career, every step of the way.  

If you are an AiT, when you attain CCT your membership will be automatically upgraded to First5 membership - our member grade for GPs in their first five years of independent practice. 

What’s more, our membership fees are discounted for your first two years after qualification. 

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Membership benefits and features 

As a First5 member, we’ve got you covered with access to resources, courses, publications, events and career support. 

Building your career

When it comes to choosing how you progress your career, there are many options to pick from. We take a look at them all here.

Your career options
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Thriving as a new GP

Your journey as a newly qualified GP will be filled with opportunity and growth as you embrace a new career.

Read our 10 top tips to get started
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Need something else? 

As an RCGP member there’s always someone you can ask.

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