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09 October 2020

Personal passions, urgent care and specialty advice

Dr Laurence Dorman, RCGPNI Chair, shares some insight into his own personal passions outside of medicine and updates on the 2020 NICON Conference that took place this week.

15 September 2020

Requirements that were suggested guidance for the emergency summer exam diets are now becoming mandatory

The refreshed guidance, which will be published shortly, has been developed with the full collaboration of COGPED and incorporates feedback from trainees who took the RCA exam in the summer, says Dr Michael Mulholland, RCGP Vice Chair for Professional Development.

10 September 2020

Medical stories about our experiences of grief and loss

During the COVID-19 pandemic I’ve heard extraordinary examples from GPs across the UK about their experiences of patient loss. I am looking to collate shared individual medical stories about our experiences of grief and loss as told by you.

03 September 2020

Restarting GP appraisals

Today we have heard that GP appraisals in England will be restarting from October 2020. This follows similar announcements for doctors in Scotland and Wales.

25 August 2020

Infection control and PPE in primary care: summary of new guidance August 2020

The guidance on infection prevention and control has been updated. This guidance covers the whole of the UK and is applicable in all clinical settings.

12 June 2020

Patient consent guidance for the Recorded Consultation Assessment

An update with clarity on guidelines on how to gain patient consent when recording consultations for the new exam. Dr Michael Mulholland, Vice Chair, Professional Development.

03 June 2020

Update for trainees on fees for new Recorded Consultation Assessment

The booking window for the July sitting of the RCA will open on 11 June and the national Statutory Education Boards that oversee GP training will be implementing a prioritisation system to ensure that those who are due to complete training at the beginning of August have the opportunity to complete their training programme on schedule.

22 May 2020

Recorded Consultation Assessment candidate handbook and exam policy update

Today, we are publishing our new candidate handbook and examination policy, which we hope you will find useful in explaining the main changes and requirements for the MRCGP, brought about as a result of the pandemic.

03 April 2020

General practice raises ethical dilemmas but never more so than during a health crisis

Everyone is moving at pace, everyone is trying to do the right thing for their patients, and that can result in decisions which in retrospect look insensitive – we have seen that around advanced care plans this week.