General Practitioners with Extended Roles

A GP with Extended Role (GPwER) undertakes a role that is beyond the scope of GP training and the MRCGP and requires additional training. The term GPwER includes those previously referred to as GPs with Special Interests (GPwSIs). More detail below.


RCGP Guide to GP Clinical Extended Roles

The RCGP Guide to GP Clinical Extended Roles has been developed by the RCGP to help GPs demonstrate competence in extended scopes of clinical practice.  It is relevant to all clinical specialisms and employers and service commissioners are encouraged to refer to this document. Due to local service variation, GPs planning to deliver a service as a GPwER are advised to establish requirements with the relevant employer and service commissioner.

RCGP Guide to GP Clinical Extended Roles

If you are an RCGP member, you may wish to use our Mentoring Platform to connect with others with an interest or experience in your chosen extended role area.

Answers to common questions

What is a GP with an Extended Role (GPwER)?

A GPwER (previously called GP with a Specialist Interest or GPwSI) is a GP who undertakes, in addition to their core general practice, a role that is beyond the scope of GP training and the MRCGP and requires further training. The extended role is typically undertaken within a contract or setting that distinguishes it from standard general practice and/or it is an activity offered for a fee outside of care to the registered practice population (teaching, training, research, occupational medicals, medico-legal reports, cosmetic procedures, etc).

Is GPwER accreditation mandatory?

In accordance with GMC requirements, a GP must evidence that they have acquired the necessary capabilities to practise safely and effectively in their extended role. In addition to this, they must demonstrate evidence of continued competence through the annual (full scope of practice) medical appraisal process.  Although unlikely that an accrediting body could mandate an accreditation, local bodies (such as employers and commissioners) will determine the requirements for a GP to provide an extended service to patients.

Does the RCGP accredit GPs with Extended Role?

The RCGP does not currently have the operational capacity to provide GPwER accreditation services.  However, we are working with the British Association of Dermatologists and the Primary Care Dermatology Society to support the continuation of an accreditation process for GPwERs in Dermatology, which will be launched shortly. 

The RCGP Guide to GP Clinical Extended Roles will guide external organisations in the development of specialty-specific frameworks against a common RCGP standard.  We advise that GPs seeking accreditation in an extended role speak to the relevant service commissioner and employer to understand local requirements, and they may wish to connect with other GPs with a similar interest via RCGP Mentoring 

What is happening with the Accreditation of GPwERs in dermatology, previously offered by RCGP?

As stated above, the RCGP, British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) and the Primary Care Dermatology Society have agreed a process for the continued delivery of national GPwER accreditation in dermatology.  Preparations are underway for its re-launch and further information will be available on these pages soon.

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