Combined Training

The Combined Training pathways provide the opportunity for you to combine previous relevant experience with your GP training programme.

Your previous experience may be from another UK specialty training programme, a substantive paid or SAS role, or relevant overseas experience above Foundation level or equivalent. The amount of time contributing can vary from 3 to 12 months depending on the breadth of your experience, the quality of evidence you can provide and your progress in the first six months of the GP training programme.

There are two combined training pathways:

  • Accreditation of Transferable Capabilities (ATC) for applicants who are transferring to general practice training from another GMC approved specialty training programme
  • Certificate of Completion of Training: Combined Programme (CCT CP) for applicants who have relevant experience from outside a GMC approved specialty training programme. This might include substantive clinical roles or overseas training and experience.

From 1 January 2021, all GP trainees who are training on the CEGPR (CP) pathway will be eligible to apply for CCT after successfully completing the training programme.

Who can apply for Combined Training?

Eligibility for a combined training programme will depend on the type of experience you are bringing with you. If you are applying with more than one type of experience, please consider the eligibility and evidential requirements for each type of experience included in your application.

Experience within a GMC approved specialty training programme (ATC)

If you are transferring to GP training from another GMC approved specialty training programme in the UK, you may be able to apply for combined training if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed a minimum of 12 months (full time equivalent) in any other relevant GMC approved specialty training programme
  • Have been in a GMC approved specialty programme training post within the five years preceding your planned start date for GP specialty training
  • Can provide ARCP outcome forms covering at least 12 months (full time equivalent) of your previous training programme.

Experience from outside an approved specialty training programme (CCT CP)

If you have been working in the UK in posts that were not part of a GMC approved specialty training programme or have relevant training or experience from overseas, you may be able to apply for combined training if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least 12 months (full time equivalent) of relevant experience above Foundation level (or equivalent) within the five years preceding your planned start date for GP specialty training
  • Can provide evidence to support this experience.

Please see Supporting evidence for more information.

How to apply

To apply for combined training, you must first apply to join a three year GP training programme through the GP National Recruitment Office (GPNRO) and indicate as part of your application that you would like to be considered for the ATC or CCT (CP) pathway.

If you did not indicate a combined training pathway on your application to GP training, it will not be possible to apply once you have commenced the training programme.

Steps to applying for combined training

  1. Apply to GP training and select the “ATCF” or “CCT (CP)” option on the application
  2. Register with the RCGP at least one month before your training programme commences. This will give you access to the Trainee Portfolio
  3. Your HEE office or deanery will invite you to upload a CV to the Trainee Portfolio for review. You should discuss your previous experience with them at the earliest opportunity so they can confirm if you are eligible to apply, plan your GP training programme and confirm what evidence you will need to provide to support your application
  4. If you are eligible to apply for combined training, you will be invited to complete the online application in the Trainee Portfolio.

More information can be found in the Applicant guide to applying for combined training.

Supporting evidence

As part of an application for combined training, you will be asked to upload evidence to support your experience and reflect on how it has helped towards achieving the curriculum and capabilities required for general practice

You should begin to collect your evidence before your training begins and upload it to your Trainee Portfolio within the first month of your GP training programme.

Guidance documents

Combined Training - UK specialty training experience guidance [PDF]

Combined Training - Overseas experience guidance [PDF]

Combined Training - UK experience guidance [PDF]

Combined Training - Capability mapping guidance [PDF]

Next steps

Your HEE or deanery assessment team will review your evidence and consult the RCGP to determine how much of your previous experience may be able to contribute towards the GP training programme.

The final decision on the remaining length of your programme will be made six months (full time equivalent) into your ST1 phase by an ARCP panel. At this panel, your progress in GP training will be reviewed alongside the evidence you have provided to support your combined training application to confirm your training pathway.  

Any time agreed to contribute to the training programme will be counted towards the remainder of your ST1 phase and, if more than six months is approved, the beginning of your ST2 phase of training.

If your application for combined training is not successful, you can remain in training and complete a standard three year CCT programme.

To qualify for a CCT at the end of a combined training programme, you must complete all curriculum and examination requirements of the CCT programme within training. This includes the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT), Recorded Consultation Assessment (RCA) and Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA).

Further Information

Combined Training - Detailed process guidance [PDF]

Combined Training - Appeal process guidance [PDF]


For more information about the combined training pathways, please contact us.

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