Certificate of Eligibility for GP Registration

The Certificate of Eligibility for GP Registration (CEGPR) is an alternative route to the GP Register if you are not eligible for a CCT but believe your training, qualifications and experience are equivalent. This might be because:

  • you have trained and worked as a general practitioner outside the UK
  • you are combining training in the CCT programme with other relevant training and experience.

Steps to a CEGPR, the GP Register and working as a general practitioner

  1. Apply to the GMC for a CEGPR and submit a folder of evidence in line with the guidance.
  2. GMC checks your evidence is complete and passes it to the RCGP for evaluation.
  3. RCGP evaluates all evidence and makes a recommendation to the GMC.
  4. GMC reviews the recommendation and approves or declines your application for a CEGPR.
  5. If the GMC approves your application, you will be included on the GMC’s GP Register. If your application is declined, you will be given recommendations on how to meet the required standard.
  6. Apply to join the GP International Induction Programme (IIP). Successful completion of the programme will allow you entry to the National Medical Performers List, a prerequisite to working in general practice.

Am I eligible to apply?

Before you apply for a CEGPR you must either have a qualification in general practice or at least six months specific training in general practice from anywhere in the world.

How to apply for a CEGPR

This type of application takes time, requiring careful preparation of a range of reports, reflective case studies and other documents as evidence that you have acquired the curriculum capabilities. View the GP curriculum

We can answer any questions you may have and offer guidance on suitable evidence to support your application. Before you begin your application for a CEGPR, it is important to read the Specialty Specific Guidance and our Guidance for CEGPR applicants [PDF]

Applications are made to the GMC online. You will need to upload supporting evidence to the GMC portal; documents may also be sent to the GMC by post. If you wish, your application can remain open for twelve months and you can upload evidence as you gather it. We recommend that you take time to read all the guidance for applicants on the GMC website. Once your application is complete, the GMC sends it to the RCGP to be evaluated and we provide a recommendation to the GMC. The final decision to award a CEGPR is made by the GMC.

If you are applying for training or currently in your first year of a GMC approved CCT training programme for general practice, and would like to shorten your programme, you may be able to work towards a CEGPR by applying through a different pathway known as the Combined Programme


Application Fee

The fee for a CEGPR is set by the GMC. NHS England offers a support package, including help with fees, to all applicants moving to England to work in general practice. See our section about help with fees and other support for both the standard CEGPR route and the streamlined routes.

Final steps to independent practice

Once you have gained a CEGPR you are automatically included in the GP Register. The next step is to complete a short programme of supervised induction. You can register for the GP International Induction Programme (IIP) through the GP National Recruitment Office website. You will be included on the National Medical Performers List after completing your induction. Once this is confirmed, you can accept a post in independent practice.

Becoming a member of the College

In May 2021 applications for membership of the College (MRCGP) will open to doctors who achieved a CEGPR and have been on the GP Register for five years.

Contact us

If you have any questions about applying for a CEGPR contact our GP Specialist Applications team on:

Tel: 020 3188 7656 
Tel: + 44 20 3188 7656 from outside the UK
Email: gpsa@rcgp.org.uk

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