RCGP Endorsements Programme

The RCGP runs a programme for the endorsement of external stakeholder documents and projects. To demonstrate the College's alignment with the work, this programme gives organisations the opportunity to apply for RCGP endorsement of their work. Which may include:

  • policies,
  • publications,
  • or other activities.

The College has a strict endorsement policy and will only approve endorsements on these grounds. Please see the College's endorsement policy (PDF file, 446 KB) for further details on endorsement criteria and levels of endorsement.

If your organisation would like to apply for RCGP endorsement, please complete the endorsement application form and send it, along with a final version of the activity seeking publication, to endorsements@rcgp.org.uk.

The Honorary Secretary of the College has the authority to approve or refuse an endorsement application. This means that under no circumstances is endorsement automatically granted. Even if an RCGP College Representative was involved in the development of the final output.

The duration of RCGP endorsement, apart from activities which are co-authored, will only be granted for three years. After this time period has expired, re-endorsement will need to be sought through the endorsements team. Please see the endorsements policy (PDF file, 446 KB) for more information.

For some activities seeking endorsement, it may be more appropriate for those activities to be reviewed by our accreditation team to seek College accreditation rather than endorsement. These circumstances usually occur when the output that we have been asked to review is of an educational nature or had an educational element such as CPD courses, eLearning, remote learning, face to face learning or matrix learning materials. Accreditation offered by the College is offered for a period of one year, after which re-application is required. To find out more, please visit the accreditation page or contact accreditation@rcgp.org.uk.

If you have any questions or queries about RCGP endorsement, please contact endorsements@rcgp.org.uk.