International opportunities

We can only achieve our goals with the support of our members. 

We want UK and International members that are passionate about improving primary care and family medicine globally. 

Vacancies: Out of Programme Experience (OOPE) for Placement in Uganda

The aim is to provide an innovative volunteer opportunity which incorporates elements of service provision, teaching, quality and improvement and research, but with its foundation in an African hospital which is well known for its focus on primary care.  This is in recognition of the increasing awareness of the wide reaching benefits of working overseas and demand for such placements from GP trainees and qualified GPs. Support for voluntary work and the development of international partnerships in healthcare is in accordance with the Academy of Royal Colleges statement and the Crisp Report.

  • Opportunity for CCTs: We are seeking qualified GPs to undertake voluntary placement in a community hospital in Uganda. Please find programme description and person specification CCT job description (PDF file, 136 KB).
  • Opportunity for AITs: We are seeking GP trainees between ST2/3 or ST3/4 if on a four year programme to undertake a volunteer placement in a community hospital in Uganda. Please find programme description and person specification in the AiT job description (PDF file, 170 KB).

Out of Programme Experience (OOPE)

GP Trainees can gain a great deal from the opportunities provided by working/training in a developing country. The Out of Programme Experience (OOPE) gives GP trainees a unique opportunity to take a year out of training to work in a different setting which will enhance competencies, improve confidence and equip GP trainees to become future leaders with the profession.

Many deaneries are actively encouraging these either through Global Health Fellowships or through a range of one year quality assured posts in countries ranging from South Africa to Zambia and India (London Deanery).

Further information

Case studies from International opportunities

Erasmus+ funded Hippokrates Exchange Programme

JIC one day event

Thanks to Erasmus+ funding, the RCGP has successfully completed the 2018-2020 cycle of the Hippokrates Exchange Programme (project no. 2018-1-UK01-KA102-047158).

17 AiTs and First5 members within one year of CCT have had an opportunity to visit another European country for a two week observational placement to learn more about primary healthcare delivery in the host country.

Erasmus reports 2018 - 2020

Adam Fazakerley (141 KB PDF)

Almas Janjua (148 KB PDF)

Athmaja Murali (820 KB PDF)

Bethan Jones (137 KB PDF)

Caroline Sinclair (141 KB PDF)

Catherine Quinn (703 KB PDF)

Charlotte Morris (684 KB PDF)

Daniel Berrio-Galan (684 KB PDF)

Ebrahim Mulla (419 KB PDF)

Eleanor Gridley (222 KB PDF)

Emilie Couchman (164 KB PDF)

Lindsey Kent (227 KB PDF)

Mohammed Noaman (199 KB PDF)

Muhammed Younas (136 KB PDF)

Natasha Glover (166 KB PDF)

Radhika Khanna (166 KB PDF)

Vinoth Gnanaganesh (176 KB PDF)

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