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Brazil Study Tour

Thirty-eight Senior Healthcare Professionals from UNIMED Espirito Santo in Brazil visited the RCGP, in October 2017. The purpose of the visit was to conduct a study tour of the British primary healthcare system.

The tour was structured to engage the delegates with healthcare theories and systems through seminars, and facilitate first-hand experiences through tours of health facilities in the UK.

RCGP worked closely with HealthCare UK and the Department of Trade to deliver the event.


China Study Tour

RCGP has enjoyed strong links with China for over ten years. We have had a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Health and Family Planning Commission, Zhejiang province since 2005, with another signed in 2014.

The agreement has seen us run both Study Tours and Introduction to Training the Trainer courses to doctors from the province.

We have also developed close ties with Shanghai, a Training Needs Analysis was provided for the Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University in October 2013.



RCGP has had a long involvement in working in India with multiple partners in both Government and private primary care education and training.

We have recently commenced a project in Bihar province to help improve training and performance of doctors working in family medicine through curriculum development and training.

We continue to accredit a two-year Diploma in Family Medicine in West Bengal with the Institute of Health and Family Welfare and West Bengal University of Health Sciences. 



RCGP has been working internationally on the MRCGP[INT] exam accreditation programme for over 15 years now. It has been running in seven accredited sites: Cyprus, Dubai, Egypt, Kosovo, Kuwait, Malta and South Asia.The College prides itself on being able to rely on the vast clinical talent of International Development Advisors and External Development Assessors who support and work in partnership with our international partners in developing family medicine around the world.

To find out who leads on each MRCGP[INT] site please see the International Team page. 

South Africa

REACH programme

Our South African programme of work has been developed in partnership with Stellenbosch University and the South Africa Academy of Family Physicians (SAAFP).

The aim is to support South Africa's Universal Health coverage ambitions by increasing the quality and quantity of Family Physicians in South Africa through enhanced training and assessment.

The work to date which has been funded by THET and then EuropeAid has seen us run a series of Introduction to Training the Trainer workshops whilst also providing expert advice to the SA College of Family Physicians National Expert Exam and it's examiners.


Myanmar GP

Efforts in Myanmar have been led by two RCGP Faculties: Thames Valley and East Anglia.

These Faculties have built strong links with colleagues in Myanmar, including at the Myanmar GP Society, the Myanmar Medical Association. 

RCGP runs a 12-month multi-layered project on Quality Improvement and Sustainable GP Training.

This project is funded through the Health Partnership scheme, which is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) for the benefit of the UK and partner country health sectors.

Sierra Leone

GPs in Sierra Leone

The RCGP is committed to developing primary care in Sierra Leone, the terrible effects of Ebola have decimated a fragile health care system, one which was already in desperate need of a robust primary care system.

After months of waiting Sierra Leone has been declared Ebola free and we have begun placing volunteers on 12 month VSO primary care placements in Makeni, Sierra Leone.

We are also hoping to compliment this work by developing a training offer for Community Health Officers in Sierra Leone. We believe that the way to support Universal Health Coverage is to apply an inter professional approach, recognising that in resource poor settings its is often Community Health Workers and allied health professionals who provide primary care. 


RCGP stand At WONCA conference

WONCA is the World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians (WONCA), commonly referred to as the World Organization of Family Doctors.

The RCGP is the second largest contributor to WONCA, paying £62,780 in annual membership subs. An institutional member of WONCA Europe some of the subscription ensures that we are also members of the WONCA World network.We are also proud to have RCGP representation on WONCA World and WONCA Europe councils.



WONCA Europe network groups

EURACT European Academy of Teachers in General Practice and Family Medicine. The aim of the Academy is to foster and maintain high standards of care in European general practice by promoting general practice as a discipline by learning and teaching.

EQuiP European Association for Quality in General Practice and Family Medicine The aim of EQuiP is to contribute to the achievement of high levels of quality and safety of care for patients in general practice in all European countries.

EGPRN European General Practice Research Network EGPRN (formerly known as EGPRW, European General Practice Research Workshop) is an organization of general practitioners and other health professionals involved in research in primary care and family medicine.

EURIPA European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association EURIPA is a representative network organisation founded by family doctors to address the health and wellbeing needs of rural communities and the professional needs of those serving them across Europe.

VDGM Vasco da Gama Movement The Vasco da Gama movement is the WONCA Europe working group for new and future General Practitioners. The movement is the continuation of the work that was started during the first preconference meeting for junior doctors during the WONCA Europe conference in Amsterdam in 2004.


Children with a volunteer - Africa

Our links in Uganda are predominantly with the Bwindi Community Hospital. The ever dynamic Junior International Committee have been instrumental in developing 12 month placements for UK GPs and in some instances trainees.

The RCGP is also lead partner in a THET funded family planning project aimed at addressing an unmet need in modern contraception. With local stakeholders we are providing are providing Family Planning and Sexual Health Training and Education through the U-SHAPE initiative.

The project aims to build much needed capacity, provide adolescent friendly health education and integrate family planning into local  health services. Work has begun in Bwindi Community Hospital Kanunugu District, South West Uganda and is planned to expand to other hospitals and districts across the country.

To find out more about the U-Shape project please see Barbara, a Midwife at Bwindi Community Hospital's Blog.

Bwindi community Hospital

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