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MRCGP regulations: Compliance with equality, diversity and inclusion legislation

EDI statement

17.1. The RCGP is committed to promoting and developing equality, diversity, and inclusion in all its work. It aims to have policies and ways of working that are fair to all individuals and groups. The RCGP conducts Equality Impact assessments (EIAs) for all new and updated policies, and processes.

17.2. The RCGP collects data on MRCGP applicants and analyses MRCGP results in relation to equal opportunities monitoring variables.

17.3. MRCGP examiners and Examinations Team staff are trained in equality, diversity, and inclusion.

17.4. The RCGP will consider reasonable adjustments for trainees with disabilities taking the AKT, SCA and RCA. Information about reasonable adjustments can be found in Section 8 of these regulations. Please refer to the reasonable adjustments section in this guide for more information.