Innovation within the RCGP supports fresh thinking that creates value. Our projects encompass new approaches devised by frontline staff, new ways of working, new models of care, and solutions that can impact patient care. These solutions are created, developed and implemented to help and support GPs and practice staff overcome issues facing the delivery of general practice and world leading healthcare.

We develop innovative approaches with GPs for GPs – bespoke projects that develop outputs that are usable, useful and impactful for all practices across the UK.

The RCGP supports innovation by not only looking to the future to tackle emerging issues on the horizon of healthcare delivery but also by examining how the current delivery of care could be improved by using new approaches and technologies. Our activities include:

  • Developing, testing and piloting initiatives to create new tools and approaches to assist GPs and support staff to deliver modern, convenient and responsive primary care service to patients
  • Disseminating good practice and acting as a source of advice and expertise
  • Building on existing, and forging new, links with national organisations

The RCGP creates impact from innovation by providing GPs with improved tools and systems for treating patients and delivering care while reducing overall burden.

To contact us about our innovation work, please email

Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas provides a platform for successful ideas to be promoted and shared to encourage GPs to try the new ideas themselves. We are keen to spread new ways of reducing workloads and increasing efficiencies within GP practices.

Collaborative general practice

The challenges facing primary care are well documented and are multifaceted, and we know that the workload in general practice has increased significantly over the last 10 years. Collaborative General Practice provides an opportunity to support this newer way of working within general practice, primary care and across the wider health, social care and voluntary sector teams working to improve patient care. 

Continuity of Care

Continuity of care is the extent to which a person experiences an ongoing relationship with a clinical team or member of a clinical team and the coordinated clinical care that progresses smoothly as the patient moves between different parts of the health service. 

Digital Therapeutics 

The RCGP Innovation team is working with the University of Oxford, Universidad de Navarra, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Universite Grenoble Alpes and Smarter Futures EESV to co-develop content for an education course on digital therapeutics called Prescribing Digital Therapeutics (PreDiGiT).

Evolving general practice

We recently launched our Evolving General Practice initiative to look at new approaches and technologies and how they could impact primary care. We use round table discussions as a forum to bring together representatives from the NHS, health industry, research with GPs, and patients and carers. These discussions feed into our reports which can be found by following the link below.

Our first report 'Artificial Intelligence and primary care' can be found on the Evolving General Practice page.  


The RCGP is creating educational and training resources to ensure that the workforce of today and the future is equipped to respond to the fast-paced developments in genomics. 

General Practice at Scale

The challenges facing general practice are well documented and we recognise that working at scale is one way to meet these challenges. This project strives to obtain a better understanding of the formation of networks of practices and to support practices in scaling up. 

Innovators Mentorship Programme

The Innovators Mentorship Programme (IMP) supports entrepreneurial GPs to develop innovations that address unmet needs in general practice. The programme combines mentoring and training to accelerate innovations supporting general practice and the NHS.

Patient Data Choices

The national data opt-out service was introduced on 25 May 2018 following recommendations by the National Data Guardian who in her independent review of data security, consent and opt-outs (2016) said: “A patient should be able to state their preference once (online or in person), confident in the knowledge that this will be applied across the health and social care system.” 

The Patient Data Choices project has delivered a series of events and portfolio of resources to inform primary care teams on a new national data opt-out.

Patient Online

Online access for patients has been identified as a key aspect of a modern primary care system. The RCGP has identified the need to support GPs to implement online access within the mandated timeframes. 

Person-Centred Care

Patients with complex cases demand a large proportion of GP time. Many GPs report feeling overwhelmed and overburdened by their current way of working. We are supporting new models of care that wraps the care provision around the patient. 

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