Representation within the medical field

The day I became a doctor was the best day of my life! I am a British Bangladeshi Muslim and the first doctor in my family. I worked hard to achieve this dream, but I tackled many challenges, mostly related to stereotypes. There are still so many judgements about what a woman can or can’t do, what a Muslim woman should do, and what is expected from a South Asian woman. I am proud of my identity, and it steers me to continue to break barriers.

I believe representation within the medical field is so important, especially since we serve a multi-cultural population. In my short career I have particularly noticed the impact I have on South Asian patients. From discussing medical concerns in Bengali to understanding those who express their needs in Urdu or Hindi. Such patients feel more comfortable if doctors have a holistic understanding of them as a person. 

A diverse workforce will inspire future generations to pursue their dreams without concern about stereotypes. I am excited to become a General Practitioner as I hope to build relationships with patients from all backgrounds and provide the best possible care.

About the writer

Tahmina is a member of the RCGP.