Membership fees for UK based GPs

Our membership fees are based on your annual overall gross income (before tax) from any medical/non-medical related income carried out in the previous tax year or current personal circumstances. Please note that Income from pensions should NOT be included in your calculation. 

You can reclaim up to 40% in tax on your membership by using the tax receipt that we will email to you after each payment. HMRC has advice on making a claim; for specific tax advice,  speak to your tax advisor or accountant.

Membership renewal is due on 1 April each year. New joiners pay their first year’s fees pro-rata, based on the date of joining.

AiT (Associate in Training)

AiT Membership is for qualified Doctors who have yet to sit the MRCGP Examinations.

Initial registration fee

There is a registration fee of £284.00 which is reduced to £71.00 is signing up between December and February.

Training pathway annual subscription*

Full Time and Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Training - 76% or more


Less Than Full Time Training - 75% or less


Maternity / Parental / Adoption Leave


Pre 2015 AiTs (with tick)


*due on 1 April every year until you complete your training

Qualified GPs

Membership fees for Associates, Members and Fellows.

2021/22 Membership Fees

Earnings / Circumstances

Renewal / Joining between
1 April and 30 June 2021

Joining between
1 July and 30 September 2021

Joining between
1 October and 31 December 2021

Joining between
1 January and 31 March 2022

Earnings of £50,001 and above


£408.00 £272.00 £136.00

Earnings of £12,501 - £50,000


Circumstances: Member of another Royal Medical College or Faculty where appraisal is conducted within the other specialism*



£136.00 £68.00

Earnings less than £12,500


Circumstances: Not in active employment due to
- career break
- retirement (permanently retired from medical practice)
- maternity, paternity or adoption leave



£68.00 £34.00

Discounted fee for First two years post qualification

£444.00 £333.00 £222.00 £111.00

*If your annual appraisal is completed in the field of General Practice, this discount is not applicable. The discount applies only to those that have completed an annual appraisal with another medical organisation for which membership of the other Medical Royal College or Faculty is their primary specialism. You may be asked to provide evidence of your annual appraisal, if applying for this discount.

List of Eligible Royal Colleges and Faculties

  • Royal College of Anaesthetists
  • Royal College of Emergency Medicine
  • Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  • Royal College of Ophthalmologists
  • Royal College of Physicians London
  • Royal College of Pathologists
  • Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
  • Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
  • Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Royal College of Radiologists
  • Royal College of Surgeons of England
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Faculty of Occupational Medicine
  • Faculty of Pain Medicine
  • Faculty of Dental Surgery
  • Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine
  • Faculty of General Dental Practice
  • Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine
  • Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare

Discount for the first 2 years of full Membership

We understand the financial pressures newly qualified GPs face. You will automatically get a £100 discount from the full rate membership if you started full membership within two years of 1 April in the current subscription year.

Maternity, Parental and Adoption leave

(Members residing in the UK only)

If you are a UK resident and take maternity, parental (minimum six months) or adoption leave you can claim a 75% discount against the RCGP full membership fee. If your leave starts after 1 April, you will be able to claim this rate in the subscription year.

This reduction is available for one subscription year per child. However, you may be able to claim other reduced rates.

Leaving the United Kingdom

If you live outside the UK on 1 April of any subscription year, we'll automatically apply a discount to your membership fee in line with our standard charge for your country of residence.

There is no need to resign your membership if you are moving abroad, just contact your Member Services team to discuss transferring to a reduced membership rate.

Please note that if you do resign your membership and wish to reinstate it in the future, you will require a valid GMC registration at the time of re-joining.

Retirement and Life membership 

If you have fully retired and relinquished your licence to practice and no longer participate in the annual appraisal cycle, you will get a 75% discount on our full membership fee.

Alternatively, you can apply for Life membership by paying a lump sum equal to three times the full annual subscription fee for the current membership year. Life membership payments are tax deductible, provided payment is made during the retirement year while still in employment.

If you have reached 40 years continuous membership or are age 70 by 1 April, you will automatically be awarded Life Membership or Life Associateship. No further membership fees will be due.

Unemployment, Illness and Hardship

(Members residing in the UK only)

If you are a UK resident and not in employment on 1 April of any subscription year due to career break or ill health, you can claim a 75% cent discount on our full membership fee.

In some cases, we may approve a reduction on fees on a case by case basis.

This is normally applicable for:

  • voluntary work
  • hardship
  • adverse personal circumstances

If you wish to apply for a further reduction, please email us your circumstances and your request will be reviewed in strict confidence.

How to pay: methods of payment

Direct Debit (UK bank accounts only)

Spread the cost of your membership fee over the year. Direct Debit is the safest, most cost-effective and easiest way to make recurring payments.

We offer three options for making a payment by Direct Debit:

  • Annually: 1 instalment collected on or immediately after 1 April each year if set up before 16 March. 7 days from setup date or on 1 day of the following month if set up at a later date. 
  • Quarterly: 4 instalments if set up before 16 March, to be collected on 1 April, 1 July, 1 October, 1 January or immediately after. Dates and number of instalments vary if set up at a later date.
  • Monthly: 12 instalments if set up before 16 March, to be collected from 1 April to 1 March or immediately after. Fewer instalments if set up at a later date.

How to set up a Direct Debit


During Renewal (starting around mid-February): Log into MyRCGP and click on 'Renew your membership'

New Direct Debit - needs to be set up between mid-February and the end of July
Existing Direct Debit - all changes need to be updated between mid-February and 16 March


Call us on 0203 188 7766 to set up a Direct Debit if you are the sole bank account holder. 


Download the Direct Debit mandate and return it via email. 

If you're setting up the Direct Debit arrangement after 1 April, we will tell you your collection dates, as they won't be in line with the standard schedule.

We will write to you at least two weeks before to the first collection in April, in any subscription year. 

Debit / credit card

We only accept MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit and Maestro. We do not accept American Express. 

You can pay online during renewal (from mid-February) by logging in to your RCGP account and clicking on 'Renew your membership'

If you have already renewed you membership but need to change your payment method throughout the subscription year, please call the Member Services Team on +44 (0)20 3188 7766.

Cheque or bank draft

If payment cannot be completed online via Direct Debit or card, we accept sterling cheques or bank drafts payable in the United Kingdom.
They should be made payable to The Royal College of General Practitioners and posted to:

Member Services - 4th Floor
Royal College of General Practitioners
30 Euston Square 

Please ensure that you write your RCGP Member number on the reverse side of the cheque. Due to the current situation, it may take up to 10 weeks to cash your cheque.


After payment of your subscription/registration fees, you can access receipts by logging in to your MyRCGP account (top right of this page).

Once you have logged in, please click on 'Manage your membership', then 'Order History' where you will find your receipts.

Don't forget to claim your tax back from HMRC to reduce your membership fees even further!

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