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The RCGP is your professional home, bringing together more than 54,000 GPs worldwide. It's led by GPs and cares for all GPs, whatever their career stage and wherever they practise.

We ensure you're fully supported and protected, providing a safe space to practise.

At the RCGP we support each other so we can all achieve and maintain the highest standards in patient care, sharing knowledge and experience every step of the way, throughout your clinical career and beyond.

We come together as a professional family, listening to each other, sharing a diverse wealth of knowledge, and speaking as one powerful voice for general practice.

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Join our diverse community of over 54,000 GPs

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Why should I become an RCGP member?

When you’re welcomed as part of the RCGP family, you’ll receive support and guidance to help you shape your life in general practice. As your professional home, you’ll also form close bonds with other GPs who understand the challenges you face through your career – and want to celebrate your achievements.

As you move through your working life, we’re here to help build on your achievements, grow your career and develop your leadership skills. Our free clinical courses, learning hubs, and Essential Knowledge Updates keep you updated with the latest clinical developments.

Joining the RCGP gives you the opportunity to connect with 54,000 members who have similar needs and interests. This network can provide support and advice wherever you are in your career and wherever you're located.

Be part of our strong collective voice of over 54,000 GPs to help us lobby governments, influence change and find solutions to challenges and opportunities you face in general practice. We ask our members for input to direct and drive our conversation.

Our awards, Fellowship, and ceremonies recognise the excellence, efforts and contributions that have been made across general practice.
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GP trainees

We’re always here to support you as you progress through your GP training journey.

GP trainees


Early career GPs

We’ll help build your confidence as you transition into your first five years of independent practice.

Early career GPs


Established GPs

We’ll support your ongoing professional development, opening up new opportunities and experiences beyond your first five years of independent practice.

Established GPs

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Life after practice

We’ll provide ways to share your knowledge and experience to support the next generation.

Life after practice

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International membership

We’ll provide ways to demonstrate your commitment to achieving the highest standards in primary care.

International membership

What is a GP?

Read the RCGP definition of what a GP is, and the important work they do.

Definition of a GP
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Member ceremonies

Member ceremonies are special events hosted by our President to welcome full Members and Fellows to RCGP. They are held from September through to May. It's a great opportunity for you and your loved ones to celebrate the achievement of attaining FRCGP, MRCGP, MRCGP[INT] or MAP.

Visit our Member ceremonies page
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Upcoming events

24 June 2024

The RCGP 3-day SCA preparation course | 24-26 June 2024

This open-to-all training course aims to improve your consultation skills and as a result pass your SCA. The course offers interactive sessions with experienced trainers and examiners, a highlight being Dr Roger Neighbour, a renowned teacher on the skills of communication within the GP consultation.

24 June 2024

Enhancing GPs Digital Capabilities on Social Media

Google and YouTube are on a mission to combat misinformation, collaborating with local health authorities. Wondering how to leverage this tool for providing reliable and authoritative health information to your patients? Interested in sharing your healthcare knowledge but constrained by the busyness of consultations? Join us for an insightful evening to uncover the essentials of becoming a successful health content creator on YouTube. Understand its crucial role in modern medical professionalism and gain tips to create a platform guiding patients and others to authoritative health information safely.

25 June 2024

Ophthalmology | One Day Essentials

There are almost 2 million people in the UK of all ages living with sight loss. For some GPs, this area of medicine is replete with uncertainty. Join us on this one day interactive conference, providing expert specialist clinical training and essential information on Ophthalmology for GPs and their practice colleagues.

25 June 2024

Effective out of hours training | part 1: Emergency Work, Safeguarding, Complaints & Safety

This four-part online course is aimed at GP Trainees and GPs new to out of hours, working towards their urgent and unscheduled care competencies and GPs wanting to start or return to out of hours work.

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