Society Partnership Network

The RCGP is committed to inspiring tomorrow's GPs and future leaders of the profession. We want to attract, engage and educate our future workforce by providing vibrant and engaging opportunities to experience general practice throughout your time at medical school.

The Society Partnership Network provides official recognition, greater resource and guidance to UK GP Societies to help support and empower you to be our biggest advocates within the medical school community and your own localities.

"The surge in the number of GP Society events is a sure sign of progress in the promotion of general practice within universities and a real tribute to the RCGP's hard work in supporting these societies. Facilitating collaboration between GP Societies in the coming years will help to create a powerful and inspired student network across the UK."  Alice James, former president of University of Bristol GP Society

Apply for the Society Partnership Network now

RCGP Society Partnership Network Quick Guide (PDF file, 4.6 MB)

  • July: RCGP SPN Sign up opens
  • Late August/early September: Merchandise deliveries
  • Throughout September: RCGP Faculty Boards
  • October: RCGP Annual Conference
  • Throughout November: RCGP Faculty Boards
  • Throughout February: RCGP Faculty Boards
  • March: Discover GP conference and Member Summit
  • June: RCGP Inspire Awards
  • Throughout June: RCGP Faculty Boards

Discover GP Conference and Member Summit

Thursday 7 March 2024 will see the return of the annual Discover GP conference this year, combined with the Member Summit for the first time ever. Each year, GP societies from across the UK come together to share ideas and best practice, get inspired about the future, and hear from leaders of general practice.

The day includes training and networking opportunities. Plus you'll get the chance to build relationships with the wider RCGP family, including local faculties, Community Group leads, and leaders of the profession.

RCGP Annual Conference

Mark your calendars for 3 and 4 October 2024. We return to Liverpool for our annual event which reunites healthcare professionals for an unmissable two days in the heart of the city. More info to come.

Students are the future of medicine and the future of our profession. Dedicated support, resource and expertise provided as part of the scheme, is designed to allow GP Societies, and their members, to become advocates for general practice and to experience the endless possibilities that a career as a GP can offer.

Your local RCGP Faculty

Your local RCGP Faculty Board are a group of advocates leading the agenda in your region who can provide support in your development and allow you to expand your professional networks. As an affiliated GP Society, you will be invited to link with your local faculty and will be expected to attend their board meetings. Find your Faculty.

GP Society Network

Our online community group brings GP societies together to collaborate, share ideas and opportunities, and join a wider forum of RCGP members. Details on how to join will be sent out when you apply for the Society Partnership Network.

Your medical school

Your medical school should be very supportive; make sure you forge a relationship with your GP Head of Teaching as they will represent your needs within the medical school and can offer support and access to local networks.

FYs and AiTs

Near peers are great role models; we recommend that as a GP Society you aim to reach out to local foundation doctors and GP trainees and consider appointing an FY rep to your committee. To enhance your connections with your near peers locally, approach your local RCGP faculty and join the RCGP Foundation Doctors Facebook group.

GPs and local practices

Your local GP practices can offer exciting opportunities; from setting up audit schemes to speaking at events. Tips for maintaining your relationships can be found in the 'How to run a great event' toolkit below.

The Society Partnership Network is a formal agreement between the RCGP and any given GP Society that is reviewed on an annual basis. To become involved in the scheme, GP Societies must apply via the online application form.
In becoming affiliated with the RCGP through the Society Partnership Network, a GP Society shall...

  • Behave responsibly and in the best interest of the students, the university and the College they represent
  • Attend appropriate meetings, both locally and nationally
  • Maintain regular communication with their local RCGP Faculty and the RCGP Discover GP Team
  • Encourage members to sign up to RCGP student membership
In return, the RCGP will...
  • Provide dedicated support and assistance via local RCGP Faculties and the RCGP Discover GP Team
  • Provide training and support to all affiliated GP Societies 
  • Maintain regular channels of communication to ensure all parties are well informed regarding any current and future developments
  • Attend forums, meetings and events in the interest of students and GP Societies 
  • Provide access to a development fund for financial support

Our very own research found that peer-to-peer engagement has a profound impact on the experience and perception of medical students towards general practice. We therefore wish to support and empower GP Societies to be our greatest advocates within their locality.

Throughout the year there will be numerous opportunities to engage in the College's campaigning activity and to ensure the College is considering the views and experiences of tomorrow’s GPs.

Proud to be a part of Team GP

As part of the Society Partnership Network, your materials should feature one of the following:

  • Proudly supported by the Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Proud to be an RCGP Affiliated GP Society
  • Proud to be a part of #TeamGP

We’ll also share our branding with you when you join the GP Soc Network online community forum to use as part of your event.

Follow us @TeamGP on Twitter and @royalcollegeofgps on Instagram.

Tag us on social media when you post, and we will be happy to share your events or get involved in the conversation.