Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ) - old WPBA programme

The Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ) provides patient feedback on your empathy and relationship-building skills during consultations. PSQ is one of the tools used to collect evidence for your Trainee ePortfolio, as part of the Workplace Based Assessment component of the MRCGP exam.

How the PSQ works

Preparing for the PSQ

Agree dates for the PSQ and feedback interview with your trainer. The questionnaires and letters of explanation should be handed to consecutive patients by the practice receptionist, irrespective of their likelihood of responding.

Patients should complete the questionnaire and hand them back to the receptionist. Continue until a minimum of 40 completed forms have been returned (this may take a number of days). We recommend that this process is done using paper copies.

The results will be entered into your Trainee ePortfolio. Each deanery has its own arrangements for doing this, but it’s usually delegated to the practice team.

Do not throw away the PSQs until you have completed your training as they may be required for auditing purposes, or re-submitted if there are any technical issues.

Using PSQ feedback

Once summarised (which takes around 24 hours), the results are sent to your educational supervisor. Results are anonymous and include the mean and median range of results and the lowest and highest score for each question. Questions are marked on a scale of 1 - 7:

Rating Key

1. Poor to Fair 2. Fair 3. Fair to Good 4. Good 5. Very Good 6. Excellent 7. Outstanding

Once they’ve been authorised by your educational supervisor, you and your GP trainer will be able to access the results through your Trainee ePortfolio.

You’ll then have one or more feedback sessions, and an opportunity to reflect on the results. You can record this discussion and the resulting action plan as a ‘professional conversation’ in your Trainee ePortfolio Learning Log.

PSQ form

This copy of the form is provided for information. For your own work, please download the version available on the Trainee ePortfolio.

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