Trainee Portfolio Updates

Update from the RCGP Portfolio team and FourteenFish

June 2021 - Fishbase updates for training programme and deanery administrators

Bulk Upload of Stages of Training for New Trainees

As we're getting closer to August, we wanted to help you with the process of setting up newly registered trainees (Database> Reports> Admin Trainees Report). We are delighted to introduce the new trainees report, which allows you to quickly add Stages of Training to newly registered trainees. The report lists trainees who already registered with RCGP and linked to your deanery. Run the report using one of the available filters, then select the trainees you wish to update in bulk. You will need to group the trainees who work at LTFT together and do these separate from those that are working Full Time. Once you have set up the first SoT, you can then go on to add ST2 and ST3 to all the trainees that you have selected in Bulk. Please note that the system opens a review period automatically upon trainee registration, this was starting on the day that they registered (which obviously isn’t right).  We have thus amended this and from now on anyone registering between May-September will get a review period starting in August.

It is likely that the first time you run this search, you will get a list of trainees that have resigned from training in the past. To remove these, you will need to click on them (check that they have left training), then click on demographics> edit> training transition date (should be the last day they worked). This will then remove them permanently from your searches.

ARCP and ESR Reports

We also added new reports to the system and expanded existing searches (Database> Reports). The reports page now includes three sections - panel reports, trainee reports and ESR reports. We’ve added new reporting for historical ARCPs and ESRs. These should help you with admin and analysis tasks, for example finding trainees who do not have a supervisor linked or finding trainees with specific ARCP outcomes or ESR within a specified date range. The reports can be now exported as csv files, so you can use this for further analysis.

Our aim in the ARCP report is to provide all of the information that is required to be entered in TIS so that the team can use the exported CSV to get all of the data rather than having to go into each trainee on Fishbase to get this data. You can also search for ARCP certificates that have not yet been signed by the Chair, ESRs with Panel Opinion Requested and other helpful searches.

People Search

We have expanded the People Search to include several more filters (Database> People). This includes easily finding Trainees who are on extension. There are now several different filters for each of the AKT and RCA which helps deaneries to see which trainees have applied and who might be requiring extensions at the end of training. 

Additional Improvements

We wanted to highlight some changes implemented in the last few months. These include:

  • Extending deanery access to trainee data after they finish the training - any trainees who finish with outcome 4 or 6 will be accessible to you for 12 months since the date of the ARCP,
  • Panel notes area, which allows you to add notes to trainee’s record specifically for the ARCP team. The notes are visible to the ARCP panel and can be used in cases like the trainee applying for shortened programme (ATCF, CEGPR, clarifying sickness etc),
  • We added a TOOT breakdown field to the ARCP, where you can explain the calculation, which will be especially useful for the GPSA team at the College,
  • We changed the visibility of MSF and PSQ, so any started surveys are now visible on the training map. The list of invitees is now also shared with the supervisor,
  • We added the expected CCT date to the training map - this is indicated by the green dotted line. We will be also adding an easier way to change the expected CCT date from the trainee page soon.
  • Lastly, a new "leadership / management" speciality has been added.

We hope these changes will make your job easier and please do not hesitate to contact the support team if you have any questions about the new functions.

Piotr Wlodarczyk
Trainee Portfolio Product Manager
On behalf of the RCGP Portfolio team and FourteenFish

System updates

This section lists the recent changes implemented in the Trainee Portfolio. 


  • You can now add optional "phonetic name" and "preferred pronouns" to your profile.

Previous release notes

July 2021


  • ARCP: added “grade being assessed” and “grade at next rotation” fields
  • Fishbase - added a new screen to amend the CCT date from the trainee page.


  • Post information can be now entered within the CSR.
  • Person merges can be now requested by administrators and will be sent to RCGP for approval.
  • Trainees can no longer be removed from a panel meeting once the ARCP has been completed - please request a rollback if changes are required.
  • Supervisor - improved behaviour when using "dismiss request for review".

June 2021


  • Portfolio app is now available for trainees.
  • Fishbase - expanded reporting functionality and additional filters within people search. The reports page now includes three sections - panel reports, trainee reports and ESR reports. We have added new reporting for historical ARCPs and ESRs, and reports can be now exported as csv files. You can also search for ARCP certificates that have not yet been signed by the Chair, ESRs with Panel Opinion Requested and other helpful searches. Our aim in the ARCP report is to provide all information required to be entered in TIS. The new search filters include training extension filter and various exams filters.
  • Fishbase - new trainee wizard to quickly add training stages to newly registered trainees


  • Added information about the mandatory reflection for safeguarding.
  • The system no longer sets an expiry date for Form R in the "compliance passport".
  • Improved capture of assessor details when using the assessment invite.


  • QIP filter added to entry search.
  • We've updated the registration page to redirect trainee registrations to the RCGP website

May 2021


  • Fishbase now shows all MSF and PSQ surveys in the trainee record.  The results are still visible only when released by the supervisor.
  • ARCP - a new free-text breakdown field has been added to the "days out of training" section


  • We've updated the registration page to redirect trainee registrations to the RCGP website

April 2021


  • The list of colleagues invited to complete the MSF will be now visible to the supervisor
  • Fishbase - Leadership / Management specialty has been added
  • Fishbase - expected CCT date added to the training map 


  • Trainee record will be now visible to the deanery 12 months after finishing the training (ARCP outcome 4 and 6)
  • Training programme information has been added to the trainee list within the panel meeting
  • Trainee will be no longer linked to the supervisor once they apply for CCT
  • Improved the way the system handles unfinished assessment requests by moving the assessment to the most recent open review period in most cases.


  • Educator notes are no longer locked when ESR is signed off
  • Fixed an issue which prevented admin users from deleting their own educator notes in some scenarios

March 2021


  • Fishbase - "notes for panel" added to trainee record. This new area can be used to inform panel about specific things like information about training programme shortening application.
  • Interim ESR - improvements to the interim ESR setup page, we've also added an automatic check for the date of the next ARCP


  • Post information is now correctly synced to RCGP record when training stage is updated

February 2021


  • Portfolio overview - "unsuccessful" wording added to Exams
  • ARCP - some N codes moved into the non-standard outcome category

January 2021


  • PSQ/MSF - added reminder to anonymise comments made in the survey
  • Fishbase - user ID is now displayed when viewing organisation roles


  • Fishbase - solved an issue with adding a new stage of training on the "new review period" screen
  • Fishbase - solved a problem where deanery/training programme info was deleted when editing users in some scenarios

December 2020


  • Deanery/training programme administrators can now add contact details for their organisations. Contact details will be displayed to trainees and supervisors within the portfolio.


  • We've made improvements to review periods. If the review period has been signed off, but the end date is in the future, the system will now prompt the user to match this with the date of the ESR. We've also made it easier to set up the next review period and added some restrictions to prevent users from creating duplicate open review periods.

November 2020


  • Interim ESR - supervisors can change the review type to interim ESR. The Interim ESR is based on the full annual ESR but reduces the burden of assessment for the Educational Supervisor. Click here for more information.
  • New AKT exam layout has been implemented


  • Learning log - capability/clinical experience group picker have been removed from placement planning meeting
  • Added flexibility to skip assessment restrictions (i.e. if trainee is not linked to correct practice or hospital)
  • New prescribing survey has been added to the prescribing log entry and assessment
  • Improvements made to "all entries" filters
  • CEPS - observed procedure is now displayed as assessment title
  • Audio-COT - assessment of performance added
  • CAT - setting question updated
  • ESR - new questions added (appropriate mandatory training for the current role, required assessments for the current review period)
  • ESR - competent and excellent ratings have been disabled in ST1/2 reviews
  • ESR - trainee and supervisor signature and dates are now displayed in review summary
  • Fishbase - additional reasons have been added to outcome 10.1 and 10.2


  • Fixed an issue where some trainees were prompted to complete the PSQ survey before reaching the required minimum of 34 responses.
  • Fixed an issue where the requirements page was not correctly counting the Mini-CEX forms added in the legacy system
  • Fishbase - solved an issue where a supervisor couldn't be added to a review period if their account hasn't been yet activated

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