MRCGP key dates and applications

Trainees who intend to make an application for the AKT or RCA will be unable to do so if their membership or training records do not meet the criteria for eligibility. 

Prospective candidates should ensure the following in advance of a booking window:

  • MRCGP membership must be active. Resigned, lapsed or suspended MRCGP membership will prevent booking. Prospective AKT or RCA candidates who are not current members of the College should contact the membership department to discuss having their membership reinstated (
  • Training records must state that candidates will be at the correct point in their training at the time of booking an assessment. For AKT this is either ST2 or ST3 year and for RCA this is ST3 year only. Both training posts and training years should be added to training records – gaps in information will prevent booking. Trainees are advised to check their FourteenFish portfolio regularly to ensure that it is up-to-date and to contact their Educational Supervisor if this isn’t the case, as they will be able to update it. Trainees in their ST1 during a booking window will need to evidence that they will be in ST2 by the test date. Trainees in this situation are advised to contact the Exams team in advance of the booking window, as a system override badge will need to be applied to their account in order to enable them to book.
  • Out-of-training candidates may need to contact the exams team prior to application ( Trainees on maternity or sick leave or in an extended period of training who are eligible to sit the test (i.e. at the correct point in their training (as stated above) and authorised to do so by their deanery and the RCGP) will require a system override to be added to their RCGP record; for maternity leave and training extensions this is usually automatically applied, however candidates are advised to contact the exams team if experiencing booking issues. Candidates on leave for any other reason will need to have a badge manually added and should contact the exams team in advance of a booking window. Evidence of eligibility may be required.
  • Trainee personal details within RCGP membership accounts should not contain special characters (specifically a comma, greater-than sign [>], or quotation marks [“] within a name or address). Pearson VUE have informed us that this may result in booking / testing issues. Candidates are advised to check their membership details and update them if needed.

Booking notes:

  • Google Chrome is the preferred web browser for AKT and RCA applications
  • American Express is not an accepted method of payment at present

AKT candidates please note: during a booking window all enquiries must be made via email (the exams team phone lines are closed). This is to ensure maximum efficiency in dealing with booking enquiries. Please do not call other departments in the College with exams-related queries as they will have limited ability to help.

Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)

Reserve your place to sit the AKT

AKT dates 2023-24


Reservations closeBooking periodAKT test date Results published* (all 17:00 hours)
AKT October 2023 N/A30 August - 1 September 202325 October 202323 November 2023
AKT January 2024 24 November 2023 (reservations close 12:00)29 November - 1 December 202324 January 202422 February 2024
AKT April 202418 February 2024 (reservations close 23:59)28 February - 1 March 202424 April 202423 May 2024
AKT July 2024
19 May 2024 (reservations close 23:59)29 - 31 May 20249 July 20248 August 2024

More info for reasonable adjustments applications. Candidates needing additional time as a reasonable adjustment are required to sit in the afternoon session.

All dates and times may be subject to change. Appropriate notice of any changes will be given at the earliest opportunity.

Non-mainland UK candidates: please contact the examinations department as soon as possible before a booking window to discuss test centre options.

Updates around these exams are available on the main AKT page.

Simulated Consultation Assessment (SCA)

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SCA dates 2023-24


Reservations closeBooking periodSCA test dateResults published* (all 17:00 hours)
SCA November 202310 September 202318 September - 22 September 20237 November - 16 November 2023First: 7 December 2023

Second: 14 December 2023
SCA January 202412 November 202320 November - 24 November 20239 - 12 January 20241 February 2024
SCA February 20243 December 202311 December - 15 December 20236 - 9 February 202429 February 2024
SCA March 20247 January 202415 January - 19 January 20245 March - 8 March 202428 March 2024
SCA April 20244 February 202412 February - 16 February 20242 April - 5 April 202425 April 2024
SCA May 202410 March 202418 March - 22 March 20248 May - 9 May 202430 May 2024
SCA June 20247 April 202415 April - 19 April 20244 June - 5 June 202427 June 2024

Subject to change if large demand for places.

Moving from the RCA to the SCA

It is important to remember that the RCA was created as a temporary assessment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The SCA enables a return to a standardised clinical consultation assessment, and an examination which no longer requires the collection of real-life consultations.

The SCA is conducted remotely on an online IT platform, which is not face-to-face, in that trainees will not be expected to travel much further than a local GP surgery. It is vitally important that the National GP Licensing examination is robust enough to be able to run without further interruptions such as weather, pandemics, or travel disruptions and contributes to greater planetary sustainability. By delivering the examination remotely we are also able to provide a much greater number of assessment opportunities each year for trainees. We intend to run the examination in nine of the twelve months. We will publish the examination dates diary in May.

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