European qualifications in General Practice or Family Medicine

European doctors and entry to the GP Register

You may be eligible for direct entry to the GP Register if you are an EEA or Swiss national and hold a GP qualification that is acceptable for mutual recognition.

Brexit and how it may impact you

If the UK government reaches a deal with the EU before 31 January 2020

The UK will enter a transition period until 31 December 2020. The current registration process for EEA and Swiss doctors entering the UK is not expected to change for the duration of the transition period. The registration process for doctors with UK qualifications going to the EEA and Switzerland should also remain unchanged.

If you are a doctor from the EEA or Switzerland, and already hold registration with the GMC, your registration status is unlikely to be affected. The GMC will contact you if they think your registration status may be affected by Brexit. Please visit the GMC website on Brexit for more information.

If the UK government fails to reach a deal with the EU

Doctors entering the UK from an EEA member state will benefit from new legislation which allows automatic recognition of EEA and Swiss qualifications in the event of no deal. Under the new system, doctors holding an EEA or Swiss qualification listed under Annex V of the Recognition of Professional Qualifications directive (Directive 2005/36/EC) will have direct entry to the GMC's medical and GP Registers, regardless of nationality. More information is available in the explanatory memorandum.

Doctors with UK qualifications going to the EEA and Switzerland to practise will be subject to the national policies and rules of each member state. Directive 2005/36/EC will no longer apply and UK qualifications will not be automatically recognised.

Doctors with UK qualifications who are currently registered in the EEA and Switzerland will not be affected, regardless of whether a deal is reached.

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