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Welcome from South London Faculty

We support over 1950 Members, Fellows, Associates and Associates in Training throughout the South London area. One of our main priorities is to engage with all members, especially new members. We recognise the need for support and advice during the transition from registrar to principal in the first year of College membership, and so we are developing networking and social events to assist with this. You can find out more by emailing us and keeping up-to-date with the latest newsletters and events. 

Get involved

We hold quarterly board meetings in February, June, September and November, to discuss a range of topics surrounding general practice and what further support could be offered to GPs at all stages of their career. We also have representation on College Council to feedback on issues discussed here. We have various subcommittees, including an Educational Subcommittee who steer the ever-evolving education program. We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to develop local engagement and innovative ideas for how we can support our local GPs.

Upcoming events

South London host a variety of exciting courses and events. Our quarterly EASE events are held in September, December, March and June. Musculoskeletal diagnosis and assessment in May and September. Update on Dermatology ENT and Ophthalmology in April and October. In addition, we will be running RCGP renowned CSA preparation courses in December and January to get you ready for your final exams.

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Our blog

Read our blog to keep up with the latest news and updates from your South London Faculty.

Your Faculty Board

Faculty Officers

Dr Rafik Taibjee

Dr Rafik Taijbee - Chair

  • Dr John Spicer- Provost
  • Dr Ellen Wright - Vice Chair
  • Dr Soleman Begg - Honorary Secretary
  • Dr Tabassum Khandker - Honorary Treasurer and First5 Lead 
  • Dr Catherine Millington - Sanders - Education Lead
  • Dr David Mummery - 2nd Council Representative
  • Dr Steve Mowle - Council Representative

Faculty Board members

  • Chee Yeen Fung - AiT Rep
  • Devina Maru - AiT Rep
  • Meera Kumar - AiT Rep
  • Alex Drewett - AiT Rep
  • Aarti Ravishankar - AiT Rep
  • Grant Su - First5 Rep
  • Alexander Lai - First5 Rep
  • Matilda Esan - AiT Rep
  • Mark Justice - Lay Representative
  • Waqaar Shah - International Representative, WONCA
  • Monica Aquilina - Faculty Lead for Later Career and Retired Members (LCaRM)
  • Maria Drakou - EASE Event lead
  • Aya Ayoub - JIC Rep and EASE Event Co-lead
  • Induja Bandara - Social Committee Lead
  • Grace Bottoni
  • Mark Free
  • Judy Roberts
  • Val Wass
  • Kheelna Bavalia
  • Agnelo Fernandes
  • Anirban Gupta
  • Bianca Potterton
  • Nabila Alam
  • Charlene Pateman
  • David Wheeler
  • Yasmin Rahman
  • Neil Bhadresha
  • Johannes Driessen
  • Bernadette Veiras
  • Ujala Haleem
  • Sivatharshini Ramalingam
  • Agalya Ramanathan
  • Rathy Ramanathan
  • Linda Bello
  • Margaret Atim-Oluk
  • Gautam Narayan
  • Lillie Wylie
  • Daniel Openshaw - RCGP Faculty 'Buddy'

Faculty Initiatives


WONCA 2021

The South London Faculty offer two bursaries of £500 for South London Faculty members to attend the WONCA Europe and WONCA World conference each year. The next WONCA applications will be due by the end of September 2020 (details to be published).

Cash Prize

We offer two cash prizes to nominated AiTs from Kings and St Georges each year. The prize is presented at the Faculty AGM.

RCGP London AiT / First5 Committee

This organisation has been established recently to represent the interests of GP Trainees across London. It is supported by all three RCGP London Faculties (North East, North & West and South London). They hold a free Education and Support Evening (EASE) on the second Thursday of the month in various locations across London. For more information on EASE and events please contact us.

Contact us

RCGP South London Faculty
30 Euston Square

T: 020 3188 7404

Opening hours

Office opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00 Monday –Thursday

Your local Faculty Administrator is Lisa Moore.

Follow us

Don't forget to follow us on social media for the latest updates:


Useful links

Faculty byelaws [PDF]

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